Mentawai surf report – words, photos and clip by Grant Davis/The Perfect Wave

Early Mentawai surf season 2015 has had its share of fun, relatively uncrowded days with quite consistent though smallish SW swells and predominantly W winds, so we did quite a few day trips from Aloita during February. We enjoyed a nice day at 3-4ft Burgerworld with some Central Coast and Newcastle lads followed by a successful trip down to HT’s and Lances left with 3-5ft barrels at HT’s and 3-4ft fun walls on the left. Meanwhile up this end of the coast crew that stayed put enjoyed some chunky Icelands in the 3-5ft range and some rippable Scarecrows at 3-4ft.

The first few weeks of March didn’t provide too many highlights. There was more small SW swell with NW winds meaning we had one fun, clean day at Suicides, but mostly, smallish (2-3ft) days at Scarecrows, Icelands and Telescopes. The waves were still fun but not typical Mentawai perfection.

The last fortnight or so has seen an increase in swell quality and wind conditions with mainly south quadrant winds and a touch more swell. There’s been a couple of south pulses meaning Scarecrows has been to the go-to location most days, usually twice a day. We have had clean waves to ourselves most days in the 3-5ft range.

HT's- 4/3, Winter Vincent
HT’s- 4/3, Winter Vincent

Last week we enjoyed a small 3-4 SW 208deg swell at 15secs. The crew really wanted to make the most of it so playgrounds was the call for the first day with winds tending N-NE.

First point of call was Pistols with 3-4ft waves, in all honesty it was a little sectiony but a few fun ones were ridden before the wind got up a little from the NE. Next stop was playful 2-4ft Nipussi, the guys had a ball without much of a crowd. The wind shifted again, this time more to the east, so we headed around the corner to surf some 2-3ft Beng Bengs. Beng Bengs is one of the most fun little lefts in the area and after another little crew had got their fill we were on it. We had it to ourselves for most of the afternoon, the smiles were big and the Bintangs were flowing freely on the drive home.

The next day, Lances was the call with a similar swell but winds tending more out of the west. After a beautiful glassy boat ride down the team were greated by pristine silky 3-4ft Lances right. Only one charter boat was lurking, but there were a few crew in the water. We surfed it for a few hours before the NE wind kicked in with gusto. The next move was round to Bintangs for some lunch and a few little fun 2ft waves. After an hour and a half the W wind started to kick back in and we decided to head back to the fabled Lances Right. There were 5 charter boats in the Bay spread between Lances Left and Bintangs. We got around the corner and it was offshore without a soul in sight. The hoots an hollers were loud and proud while we surfed it alone for the next 2 hours.

Mentawai surf season is off to a good start. If it is anywhere near to the epic 2014 proportions, there is lots to look forward.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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