by Ben Horvath
(Photos by Grant Davis – courtesy of The Perfect Wave)

Toasty our trusty surf guide at Aloita Resort in the heart of the Mentawai said, “It is pretty small today – Tuesday June 17. Last Thursday June 10 was the pick of last week at Telescopes, but the crowd was up.”

Thursday and Friday the week before were the standout days. Check out the Mentawai surf diary Toasty and our resident surf photographer Grant Davis compiled below, but more importantly scope the forecast for the weeks ahead.


Mentawai surf forecast this week looks great, next weekend is looking mental

Today, Tuesday June 17 was small, but an extended run of large SSW groundswell is expected from Wednesday June 18 right through to Monday June 23. This is likely to be followed by one of the bigger SW groundswells of the season on Friday June 27 and Saturday June 28.

The swell tomorrow is expected to be an inconsistent 4-5ft at exposed locations, Thursday should see wave heights building into the afternoon as a solid SW groundswell fills in. By the late on Thursday June 19 wave heights should be in the 8ft plus range ahead of a a peak overnight and then a similar size on Friday morning.

Moderate SE trades are forecast.

Waves heights should remain at a solid 4-6ft on the weekend before a 6ft plus pulse on Monday arvo, 6-8ft on Tuesday, before easing slowly into Wed/Thurs, ahead of a bomb swell next weekend.


Mentawai surf diary

Thursday 5/6/2014 – Telescopes was 6ft and perfect. The swell was from the SW at 16 seconds and the offshore SE wind was barely puffing.

Friday   6/6/2014 – Telescopes was 5 to 6ft and perfect again. Same swell direction, period and wind, but no people at all.

Saturday 7/6/2014 – The SW swell was 6ft at 18 secs, with light offshore SE winds. There were seven charter boats at Telescopes so we surfed 4-6ft Hookers lefts on our own.

Sunday 8/6/2014 – The SW swell was 4-5 ft at 17secs, with light SE winds all day. We surfed some fun clean 4ft Telescopes.


Monday 9/6/2014 – The SSW swell was 4-5ft at 16secs, the wind was light SE. Groundhog day with fun uncrowded 3-4ft Telescopes.

Tuesday 10/6/2014 – The SSW swell was 3-5ft at 15secs, the wind variable tending N early then nothing later. We surfed empty 3-4ft Suicides then empty Telescopes at 4-5ft.

Wednesday 11/6/14 – The Sth swell was 3ft at 13 secs, the wind light SE early, variable and light later. Telescopes was clean early and a little messy and weak later.

Thursday 12/6/14 – The Sth swellwas 2-3ft  at 12 secs, the wind SE early with moderate N winds later. Telescopes was clean early and messy in the afternoon.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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