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The staff here at The Perfect Wave often debate why, where and when are the best months to travel to all the best surf locations in a calendar year. Sometimes the arguments get a little outta hand, so we head across the road to White Collar Boxing Gym in Brookvale to settle any personal scores and differences of opinion.

I think May is the best month in the Mentawai and I have compiled a bunch of epic video, photographic and wave diary evidence from our photographers and surf guides on the ground at Aloita Surf Resort and Spa in recent weeks to back up my argument. View May 2014 clips and pics here.

HT’s - no description needed for this one. -  Photo Potts/The Perfect Wave
HT’s – no description needed for this one. – Photo Potts/The Perfect Wave

However, the boss has a more lethal right hook than my infamous helicopter slap, and he has been twenty times more than me and swears by July, so July got the nod in our infographic.

Furthermore, in a noble bid to put an end to mindless office confrontations our mung bean long board loving, hipster-designer turned our heated discussions into an ‘Endless Summer’ infographic to promote international surfing, world peace and all the destinations we provide surf experiences too. You can view the infographic here:

Yeah, yeah, I know, the Endless Summer is hardly an original title, and summer is rarely the best time of year to go surfing, but who am I to argue that it isn’t a timeless, marketing cliché for hipster, longboard-loving designers?

Anyways, reviewing waves is subjective. One man’s dream Ments reef break is another’s fatagram! There’s a variety of ways to review the year’s waves. One I find most helpful is to keep a wave diary. When you do this for a few years, you generally find that a pattern emerges. The Perfect Wave’s historical wave diaries prove that the Mentawai region is most consistent from May through September. You can score quality waves all year, but May through September is undoubtedly prime time.

General consensus so far is that 2014 has been uncrowded. We have some mental mid-season charter specials available right now. Watch our recent video, book now and save.

Ben Horvath

The Perfect Wave Marketing Manager


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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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