Come and meet Occy the eternal grom in Surry Hills on Wednesday, June 24th

As mentioned in my email earlier this week, The Perfect Wave are pretty pumped about our special Mentawai Info night with Occy and Jack McCoy on Wednesday June 24 at the Tipple Bar and Bistro on 28 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills, Sydney.

Legendary surf cinematographer Jack McCoy and the Occ himself will be special guests talking all things Indo. We will be screening Occumentary and you will get a chance to ask Occ and Jack questions, grab a photo or an autograph, and even have a beer or two with both legends of our beloved sport/lifestyle.

The entry fee is $30 which goes directly to A Liquid Future. Included will be finger food, drink on arrival, live auctions and the chance to win a Mentawai trip as a lucky door prize.

The whole focus of the evening is to talk about the Mentawai with Occy and Jack and to raise awareness and funds for A Liquid Future.

A Liquid Future is our non-profit organisation that The Perfect Wave fund to help educate and empower the local Mentawai communities so they can play their legitimate role in the growing surf tourism industry within their islands.

We are very proud to announce that in February we opened the very first Collaboration School in the Mentawai that teaches the local kids and adults English, swimming, surfing and environmental protection. This was at their request and we have now over 200 students that have just completed their first semester.

Now we need YOUR help to keep the school going as well as fund an outreach program to surrounding villages.

All proceeds from the June 24 Surry Hills fundraising night go directly to the Education and Collaboration Centre where our partner and the founder of A Liquid Future, Elizabeth Murray, and her volunteer teachers that spend each day teaching the local Mentawai people.


So if you can’t make the evening because you don’t live in Sydney or will be somewhere in the world surfing and you still want to help, you can make a tax-deductable donation on our funding page and we are matching every donation dollar for dollar HERE

Whilst The Perfect Wave are proud to represent many quality surf charters and resorts in this area, we support sustainability and want to contribute to the local communities.

The only thing better than the waves is the people. With so many travelers to this amazing region never leaving their boats or resorts to meet the locals, you can help now.

Finally, you can also go on a once in a lifetime fans surf trip with Occy

After the success of last year’s inaugural I Surfed Indo With Occy fans trip, Occy has arranged two very special trips with The Perfect Wave in 2015.

  • Trip 1 – Aloita Surf Resort, the Mentawai, September 11-18, 2015
  • Trip 2 – Kandooma Surf Resort, the Maldives, October 11-18, 2015

Click here for bookings and enquiries

You can read about last year’s sold-out I Surfed Indo With Occy trip here.


Have a great day,

Ben Horvath
The Perfect Wave Global Marketing Manager

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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