Aileoita 1 Mentawai surf charter dished up another great trip for a group of lucky guys in the late July.

Quality photography, as seen in this blog, is already included in the price of Aileoita surf charter. Check out the photos and the surf report from Seb, Aileoita surf guide, below:

Aileoita Mentawai surf charter trip report

Mark was calling it “The best surf trip of his life”, and that was just the 4th day of the trip. But I had to tell him the truth: The best was yet to come, with a really good swell coming for the last 5 days of our trip.

We started our trip down south checking most of the swell magnets in the area. The reports were showing a really consistent swell, long period and good direction. I decided to follow the swell, going up north with the swell. Our first day of the swell was at Hollow Trees – we were the first boat on the break. We ended up surfing a couple of hours by ourselves.

Then a boat showed up, but they were leaving the same day by mid day, so the overall crowd situation was super mellow.


Many of my guests were on their third trip to Mentawai, and had never seen Hollow Trees this way… absolutely perfect!

The next day we went back, but the news spread and there were more boats. Moreover, the waves weren’t that good either, so we moved up further north.

In the Playgrounds area, one of the best surf areas in the world, we ended up scoring Ebay, Pits Stops, Hideways, Bankvaults, and Kandui for so many days! This week I realized that a Brazilian mag made a cover shot the day we where surfing at Kandui – it was that incredible.

Now we are back in Padang, and Mark knows what it’s a REAL best trip of his life.

Sampai Jumpa!

Photos by: Sebastian Imizcoz (sponsored by Rusty)

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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