Words Ben Horvath | Muzzaswell clip and photos by Rowan Walker

There’s no denying it has been a bit of a patchy season in Indonesia this year. The late June Muzzaswell was no doubt the swell of the year to date, but it has been up and down since.

Yes, of course there’s been some good days, but no full blown major swells. However, that’s all about to change! As we approach the first month of spring in Australia, a couple solid ground swells are brewing in the southern Indian Ocean.

Swellnet’s Craig Brokensha said, “They’re not as large as the Muzzaswell – which was undoubtedly the swell of the season – but they’re worth paying attention to.“

Expect some forerunners this Sunday in Bali with the swell building strongly through the day Monday, reaching 8ft+ by dark across exposed breaks before peaking Tuesday morning to 8-10ft with the possibility of the odd 12ft cleanup set.

The Mentawai Islands will see the swell kick very strongly later Monday to 8ft to occasionally 10ft across exposed breaks on dark before easing from a similar size range Tuesday morning and further Wednesday.

Moderate to fresh SE trades are due across Bali as the swell builds and peaks, weakening a touch into Wednesday. The Mentawais will see fresh to strong but easing SE trades Monday, weakest through Tuesday.


Written by:
Ben Horvath

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