by Peter Curilla

How is the surf in Mentawai in November?

By all accounts, it is uncrowded. As the size swell drops, so do the crowds. If you are lucky, even some of the best Mentawai surf charters that sell out in March – October have charters available for low season prices.

Why? It is supposed to be off-season in Mentawai.

November in the Ments, just like February (read more here) is probably the islands’ best kept secret. Less crowds, fun waves, off-season prices and generally good vibe is some of the best time to be there. All our operators tell us that it is their most favourite time to do their own trips and score the waves by themselves.

For inspiration, check out the photo and video evidence, courtesy of Tengirri surf charter:

All photos (c) 2013 Tengirri Surf Charters

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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