Mark Occhilupo on his 2014 trip with The Perfect Wave

The Perfect Wave are very excited about a couple of upcoming events we have organised with 1999 World Champion Mark Occhilupo.

First up, we would like to invite you to a special fund raising night with Occy on Wednesday, June 24 at the centrally located Tipple Bar and Bistro at 28 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills, Sydney.

We will be screening a bunch of Occy’s movies, including Occumentary, and you will get a chance to ask Mark Occhilupo questions, grab a photo and or autograph, and even have a beer or two with the legend of our beloved sport/lifestyle. The entry fee is $30 which goes directly to A Liquid Future. There will be finger food, live auctions and the chance to win a Mentawai trip as a lucky door prize.

The whole focus of the evening is to raise money for A Liquid Future.

A Liquid Future is a non-profit organisation that The Perfect Wave help fund and work closely with to help educate and empower the local Mentawai communities so they can play their legitimate role in the growing surf tourism within their islands.


Whilst The Perfect Wave are proud to represent many quality surf charters and resorts in this area, we support sustainability and want to contribute to the local community. The only thing better than the waves is the people.

All proceeds from the June 24 Surry Hills fundraising night go directly to the Education/Collaboration Centre where Lizzy and Co. teach English, swimming and surfing.

Go On A Surf Trip With Occy

After the success of last year’s inaugural I Surfed Indo With Occy fans trip, Occy has arranged two very special trips with The Perfect Wave in 2015:

  • Trip 1 is at Aloita Surf Resort, the Mentawai, Sept 11-18, 2015
  • Trip 2 is at Kandooma Surf Resort, the Maldives, October 11-18, 2015




Written by:
Ben Horvath

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