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Mentawai surf report and images: (c) Sebastian Imizcoz / Rusty

Aileoita 1 is one of the most reliable, popular and renowned Mentawai surf charters. Their surf guide Sebastian is not just an experienced surfer and a seasoned leader to the best surf breaks around the chain – he is also an accomplished photographer. Below is Seb’s latest Mentawai surf trip report:

Here I was again in Padang, getting ready to start my 11th season on the Aileoita 1: Frothing to try out my new camera and go search for some new spots.

My guests were a group or return guests, so they know what they were looking for: No crowds! We decided to head down south and searched for some isolated waves.

We ended up scoring empty lineups at HT’s, Roxys, Sikakap Rights, Tic Tac, Thunder Box, Light House, Moots and Sandin. This time of the year has really light winds, so that helps a lot when you are choosing between different spts. You have so many options if the winds are light.

We found some new spots way down south. We’re planning to return there as soon as possible and see what’s their full potential in the perfect conditions.

The season started pretty good: we are going back to Mentawai on May 7th to get into the action again.

Sampai Jumpa!
Sebastian Imizcoz
Aileoita 1 surf guide & photographer

Aileoita 1 still has some available spots for 2015.


Written by:
Ben Horvath

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