Mid-April in the Mentawai: Aloita Surf Resort Swell Report. Words, clip and photos by Grant Davis.

Word from Aloita Mentawai Surf Resort is that early season has been pumping.
Our resident Aloita surf photographer Grant Davis said, β€œOn Saturday April 16, we arrived at Telescopes and were greeted by a pulsing SW swell with silky water surface conditions. The waves were 4-6ft and perfect. There was no wind, so glassy barrels beckoned.
As the morning went on the light SW wind increased slightly making for some ruffled walls but it was still super workable.
Everyone surfed their brains out, so we returned to Aloita for a late lunch and then cruised out to the local resort break Tikus to round off the day nicely in some fun 2-4ft runners.
The early call was made on Sunday by experienced Aloita surf guide Terry to hit Telescopes again.
After initial fears that the swell had decreased, a solid set soon pacified any doubters. Again, we enjoyed sublime conditions with 4-5ft waves and the odd 6ft set, fanned by a light SE offshore wind.
The Aloita guests surfed alone for the first hour before being joined by a few others. We then proceeded to surf until our crew could barely lift their arms.
We didn’t return to base until 4pm.
Easily the best swell of the year so far and it looks like there will be plenty more to come.

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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