by Ben Horvath

Surf, Music In Paradise

You are invited to a private, intimate Donavon Frankenreiter gig at Kandooma Resort.

SMP may have stood for Sex, Money and Power in the nineties. In 2013 SMP stands for the Surf, Music in Paradise series.

Let me explain … In the nineties, as the big three surf corporations were becoming stale, a good friend of mine started a company called SMP and he employed another friend as Marketing Manager, who in turn sponsored a lot of our friends on the surf, skate and music team. At the time, I owned a magazine called Underground Surf, and together we co- sponsored a bunch of pretty epic music tours including The Vans Warped Tour amongst others.

It was on The Vans Warped tour in the hazy mid nineties that I met Donavon Frankenreiter. Donavon, Fletcher, Byron and Jim from Pennywise, along with Rob Trujillo from Sucidal Tendencies (now Metallica) were often hanging in the Underground Surf bus driven by my mate Tommy. Tommy would take the boys surfing in between gigs and generally hang out and give the crew some respite from gigging and take them to the beach.

During the Manly gig, I was kicking back in the bus with Tommy and Sunny Abberton for memory, and Donny swung by for a smoke or something.

Donavon struck me as a friendly, super chilled, down to earth kinda dude, who just dug going surfing, playing music and kicking back.

Fast forward nearly 20 years, and Donavon is now an internationally acclaimed surfer, musician and family man who has toured Australia multiple times and built up a very solid and loyal fan base.

Donavon has remained true to his core interest’s throughout. The Perfect Wave big cheese – Jamie Gray and his family went to see Donny at The Newport Arms last summer and left feeling relaxed and totally invigorated by the experience.

At the time Marie (Jamie’s wife) commented – “Imagine transporting this gig to The Maldives!”

The boss delegated and sent me down to my local – Northies at Cronulla to hit Donny up to do some intimate gigs. I literally had to wait for the hordes of female admirers to get various parts of their anatomy autographed and hit him up. “Argh Donavon, you won’t remember me from 20 years ago, but um do you want to do a gig in paradise?” He said, “Are there waves?” and so the Surf, Music in Paradise concept was born.

The Perfect Wave are offering a strictly limited number of guests at Donavon’s private, intimate gigs at Kandooma resort.

Kandooma Right is now exclusive to The Perfect Wave.

What that means in very simplistic terms is – The Perfect Wave are now the worldwide exclusive supplier of surfer packages to Kandooma. We will limit the maximum number of surfers allowed on the island at any one time to 40.

There are 8 other surf spots within easy access to Kandooma Right that will spread that 40 max out nicely too.

So you can surf, and chill right back in luxury at an affordable rate at Kandooma Resort with exclusive access to Kandooma Right and enjoy an intimate Donavon gig with your partner, friends or family.


The Perfect Wave and internationally acclaimed surfer and musician Donavon Frankenreiter are excited to invite you to two exclusive, intimate gigs at Kandooma Resort, The Maldives from June 1 – 11, 2014.

One gig will be held in the ideal setting of Kandooma’s Sunset Bar with a maximum of 120 guests. The second gig will be on a private, deserted island complete with BBQ dinner. Donavon will be available to personally signing his CD’s and pose for a professional photo after the show as a memento of this unique one off event.

Additionally, each guest will have the chance to win a seaplane adventure and private surf session with Donavon at a remote surf break. Not forgetting The Perfect Wave guests are now guaranteed absolutely exclusive surf access to Kandooma Right out the front. You will also have access to unlimited surf transfers to nearby breaks like “Tucky Joe’s” and” Riptides.” (Twice daily.)

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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