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The Perfect Surfers Wedding/Honeymoon.

Interview by Ben Horvath.

DSC_6576Trevor Burns is a 42 year old northern beaches (Sydney) surfer who eloped and married his beautiful bride – Jess at Kandooma Resort, The Maldives in July 2014. Trevor and Jess had an amazing time, so much so that they wanted to share their experience and photos with other potential Kandooma travelers and or honeymooners.

The Perfect Wave ( TPW )-  How old are you Trevor and where do you do most of your surfing?

Trevor – I am 42. I do most of my surfing around the northern beaches, but I also get up to Pacific Palms where I grew up and surf on my days off sometimes .I also try to do day trips down to the Coal Coast between Stanwell park and Wollongong as it is less crowded.

TPW –  How long have you been in the surfing industry?

Trevor –I have been surfing since I was 5. My father was a Maroubra boy, he was a founding member of the first board riders club there. I have been involved in the surfing industry for the past 13 years.

DSC_6458TPW –  How many times have you been to The Maldives?

Trevor – I have been 4 times. I have stayed at Pasta Point 3 times and Jess and I got married at Kandooma in 2014. There will definitely be more trips to come. I love Kandooma, and The Maldives in general.

TPW – Please tell us a little about your experience at Kandooma?

Trevor -I would give kandooma 10/10. It is a beautiful place, friendly staff, great helpful people, amazing food, good clean facilities, incredible accommodation. The food and alcohol packages that are available were a great saving too. Without TPW assistance and communication on the packages we would of probably felt like we were missing out.

DSC_6777TPW –  You and Jess eloped Right?

Trevor – Yes jess and I eloped . Our families knew about it,  but we decided that we wanted to elope. I tried to keep it a secret but it was too difficult to keep it from her. We were doing the dishes in the kitchen and I just told her. It went like this “Jess you know how we are going to the Maldives. Did you know we are getting married there? Are you in? There was no initial response, she said “I’m confused, you are not on one knee.” She did say yes later though.

DSC_6679TPW –  How did you rate the resort as a wedding location?

Trevor – It was absolutely perfect. We were so well looked after by everyone including all The Perfect Wave staff. Hats off to Gina she was an angel and arranged a lot more than we expected. We had a wedding car(golf cart.) We had a local band who serenaded us, we had a beautiful arch, flower displays, a three tier cake, champagne, the mixing of the sands, a bridal waltz/dance off, and most importantly a very professional photographer who captured our day perfectly. At day’s end we enjoyed an amazing private dinner under the stars and a flower arrangement on our bed back in our room.  If it wasn’t for Gina, Jess would have probably got married in a bikini. I have already recommended other people go to Kandooma for their wedding – I rate it as an epic destination.

IMG_2372TPW – How about as a surfing destination?

Trevor – Again it was perfect. The wave out the front is the best wave around . It’s fun when its small, and can be challenging over 5 foot. I got barrelled off my head. I’ve surfed a lot of different waves in the Maldives. I rate it right up there with Cokes. There’s also some super fun waves close by,  however when the right out the front is pumping,  you can’t really leave.

IMG_8422TPW –  Was there plenty for Jess your new wife to do while you enjoyed a bunch of sessions out at Kandooma Right?

Trevor – Yeah, Jess visited the day spa and the gym regularly. She snorkelled, chased fish with the go pro, sunbaked and took full advantage of all the relaxing areas around the island with a good book. Jess also took photos of her loving husband tearing the bag out the front,  but she often got distracted by the tiny reef sharks in the Rock pools at the point which was a bit of a problem as she often missed her husband’s “Money shot.” Lol.

TPW –  How where the numbers in the water?

Trevor – The numbers were never an issue. I got as many waves as i wanted with no hassles at all. I think at most I may have surfed with 10 guys/girls who all respected each other. The vibe at all breaks was nice and chilled.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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