Cokes in the Maldives is one of our favourite reef breaks. – Photo by Sprout Daily

Many of our clients often ask us whether we recommend a beach- or a reef-break surf destination for their next surf holiday.
Today I’ll share with you our top 5 reasons we love surfing reef breaks. As a surfer, your search is not nearly complete until you’ve ridden a perfect reef break.
5. Coral reefs love warm water, and no matter what the wetsuit-wearing locals from Scotland, Nova Scotia and Santa Cruz say, there is nothing quite like surfing tropical waves in your board shorts.
4. Reef passes offer the closest thing Mother Nature has to offer to machine-like perfection. The world’s best reef breaks have a very defined take off spot and peel off into a deep channel with a nice leisurely paddle back out to the peak.
3. Reef breaks guarantee barrels galore. Although there are exceptions to the rule, reef breaks are hollow by nature, and getting tubed is the Holy Grail of surfing. As the saying goes, “Only a surfer knows the feeling”.
2. Reef breaks are deceptively easy to surf. Surely, experience helps when it gets bigger. However, thanks to the consistent shape of reef waves, smaller reef breaks are perfect for everyone that can stand up confidently and especially lower intermediate surfers will really improve their skills surfing them.
1. Reef breaks are generally found in dream destinations like the MaldivesIndonesiaHawaii, or Tahiti. Even the most reluctant spouse will have a hard time saying no to sitting under a palm tree, sipping an exotic fruit cocktail in a tropical paradise while you go out surfing. Need I say more?

Kandooma. It doesn’t much better than this for a surfer and non-surfer alike.

Aloita. There are reef breaks for learners, intermediate and expert surfer.

Tahiti. Spoil yourself in the tropical paradise. – photo by Intercon Moorea

Hawaii offers a variety of reef breaks for all levels – learn to surf at the Turtle Bay Resort or challenge yourself at the Sunset Beach. – photo by Turtle Bay Resort

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Perfect Wave

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