Words by surfer and model Janni Hönscheid. Photos by AJ
The Background… Summer 2014.
A young blonde surfer girl sets off to an adventure, a new life chapter she would later know.
From Germany she starts, set to cross the whole world. Her luggage: a single fin long board, two shortboards, a mermaid tail, a Playboy cover, a broken heart. Driven by wanderlust. She has no expectations. But curiosity. And dreams. She likes dancing – dancing on waves. Her mission: a mysterious boat trip to the Indian Ocean.
A dark haired city girl follows her wilder side and passion for her new found love: the ocean. Hiding from the celebrity life, the cameras, the spotlights… she wants to leave the surface and dive deeper, she’s got no fear. From the heart of Hungary, she leaves her comfort zone. From a landlocked country, straight to a little boat floating into a sea with no limits.
Lost alone… found together… in the Indian Ocean.
Summer 2015.
Two free spirited sisters of the sea, mystical mermaids, models and surf bunnies host their own boat trip in the Maldives.
They sit on the rooftop of the beautiful boat Haira looking at the stars, and cheering to one year of friendship. They tell their story to their new found friends, lots of surfed out smiling faces, who booked the trip with these mystical mermaids.
This first crew comes from all over the world: Tahiti, the States, Switzerland, Bahamas, Greece, Australia, Hawaii… They have been sharing perfect lefts and rights the whole day. They dove with sharks, dolphins, manta rays, turtles, and… well, mermaids. In the crystal Maldivian waters where horizon and water all blur into one. When they close their eyes they can still see the golden sunset light. Salt on their skin. Kissed by the sun. One of them brought their guitar and is playing a timeless Red Hot Chilli Peppers song… They feel the pure stoke of surfing, cherishing every moment – just how life should be. Now they curiously listen to the mermaids story: they met in a group just like this, exactly one year ago. Now they travel the whole world together.
“Just one year. A thousand moments. Haven’t I already known you for my whole life?
The Maldives, Mentawai, Morocco, Canary Islands, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Telos, Nias, Sumbawa, Bali, France…” …the world is our home.
The Perfect Wave Surf Experience gives the mystical mermaids a platform to choose destinations and encourage people, surfers, new friends, to join them on a search for adventure, a search for perfect waves, deep blue waters…To leave behind the safe coast and find freedom in the ocean… to leave with questions, and let the beach give you all the answers.
Isn’t it just a crazy thing how a trip like this could change everything? You can find yourself, lose yourself, with an open mind, seeing the world through your heart. You might want to rethink your lifestyle or go back to it with new charged batteries… a moment in time, shared together. It could be an escape, or simply a shortcut to where you’ve always wanted to be… it’s all up to you. Every person is a door, that could show you a way to a whole new universe you never even imagined…
“our heart is a JUNGLE, our spirit is the OCEAN, our thoughts are ARROWS pointing at stars… our weapon is being WOMEN, our mission is FREEDOM and LOVE is our religion… We are children of NATURE”
Summer 2016.
…are YOU ready to write this chapter with us? Join us on our upcoming Maldives trip.
There is something magical about boat trips, and personally it’s my absolutely favourite way to travel.
At first, once you get on a boat, you have to adapt, it’s a big change. it feels like you had it all, and now you have nothing: you have to be comfortable in a little bunk bed, a small toilet, no mirror, no wifi, no private space, not much space at all. But then, as days go by, you realize you actually have more then you thought, way more than before, you actually have EVERYTHING you could possibly imagine. You are in the middle of nature, sleeping on the ocean, the waves are rocking you to sleep and you have a direct connection with all the different moods of the sea. Waking up with the sunrise, exposed to weather, wind and thunder. In the middle of the storm with no escape.
At times you hear the dolphins at night. You see the stars brighter than ever. You realize that you have more space. That the simple things are what make you happy. That there are is no noise, and so you think about it twice when want to say something, because: is what you are going to say really more beautiful than silence?
You are always on the move, every second you are changed, just like the water underneath you and the clouds above you, your roots are ripped off the ground and you are able to fly and drift free on the ocean, light like a feather.
Invisible wings, feeling free. Follow your instincts, the arrow of the compass.
Back on land the rhythm of the ocean is deep inside you, you will even rock like the boat when you get first back on land.
But what really stays with you is the freedom.
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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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