Close your eyes and picture perfect, consistent, warm, crystal-clear, tropical lineups.

Perhaps you are envisaging you and your friends sitting on the balcony at Cokes Surf Camp, anticipating your next session, or maybe relaxing on the sundeck of one of The Perfect Wave surfari boats?

Maybe you would love to take the whole family to enjoy the comfort of Kandooma, or the time may be right to spend some romantic time with your partner in the luxurious overwater bungalows at Six Senses?

The good news is whatever your preference, The Perfect Wave will make it easy for you and guarantee the best price!

2015 has been a memorable season in the Maldives.

Have you seen our most recent our recent swell of the season blog yet, or Sprout Daily’s blog from his Carpe Vita trip last week?

Maldives offers the most consistent swell and the westerly winds provide off-shore conditions from March to October.

For those of you who haven’t sampled the magic of the Maldives yet, make sure you make your dream happen in 2016.

Booking early will not only save you a lot of money, it will also ensure you can lock in your preferred charter and resort on the dates you want to surf.

The time to maximize savings on next year’s Maldives holidays is now.

Take advantage of our excellent Early Bird Maldives deals which will expire on 1 December. Some extremely informative recent testimonials from our happy clients below will assist you with your choice.

Book now and save.

Hamathi Charter
My recent trip on the Hamathi was incredible. We surfed everyday, with the majority of surf being in the good to excellent range. Our guide, Marty, did his best to get us to the best waves and best conditions. The crew were top class, and some of the locations are the most prisitine I’ve ever been to. Hope to be back soon! – Vaughan Hill.Cobia Charter
Fantastic trip. Boat spot on for price range. Excellent crew! Food in particular was amazing. Rippe was sharp in staying away from crowds to give us great waves with minimal surfers on there. I’ll be back. – Guy Callaghan

The Carpe Vita
An absolutely wonderful experience, the vessel was superb, rooms were lovely, the food was outstanding but most importantly Brian James our surf guide found surf when there wasn’t much swell. The guys got a tonne of waves and were very happy. Anka the boat boy was so friendly, diligent and on top of everything.. Compliments to the chef (I bought his cookbook) and the captain. I believe there was a lot of value added in having Bob (McTavish) on the trip also, he is a legend and made the trip for us handing out prizes every night and getting everyone involved in everything. A wonderful honeymoon for us, a wonderful group of people on the boat, thank you, we look forward to trips in the future with Perfect Wave. Tracey McKenna

Third time in a row. We got lucky with the swell and had waves e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y. This resort combines a family friendly attitude alongside one of the healthiest moods in the line-up (no aggressiveness, no localism, no disputes) and activities for all tastes. When the swell went up, there was plenty around for everyone, so surfers were distributed between all breaks it was all you can eat alongside a very healthy and friendly atmosphere. What more can you ask for? Joao Zuquete da Silva



Written by:
Ben Horvath

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