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Now that Bob McTavish has confirmed he will be doing a Central Atolls charter with The Perfect Wave in May 2017 we thought it would be perfect timing to look back at last year’s TPW Legends trip with Bob aboard the Carpe Vita.
As usual, there were lots of fun times with Bob McTavish leading the way in and out of the surf.
The Perfect Wave Carpe Vita safari wound its way through the Maldivian Atoll chain to find some truly great waves, all the while with a vibe on board that united all in true friendship.
I for one cannot wait to do it again next year from May 6 – 14 once again on the Carpe Vita, but this time we will be starting further south in the Central Atolls.
Come join us and surf and talk story with a legendary pioneering surfer, shaper and journeyman.
It will sell out as there are only 14 spots aboard.

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