Quarters is a very mellow long boarders wave that gets shallower and faster on the inside section. Due to the strong SW winds we never got the chance to score tucky joes but midway through a riptide session the wind swung for just long enough for us to score 4ft and very hollow Foxy’s.


Kandooma right, firing
Kandooma right, firing


Just as the swell dropped off my parents and their best friend came over to see what we do and to experience the life in which we are living while in the Maldives. Luckily for them they managed to do everything from swimming around the island, snorkeling at Turtle point, diving, sunset cruises and of course the famous Wednesday night ‘Dine in the Kitchen’ feast of seafood.
It was great to catch up with the family, but it sucked the energy out of us, as we were hosting them and performing our usual surf guide duties.

On the 20th June Kandooma celebrated International Surfing day with a bang, hosting its first ever Tag Teams surfing event.
It was definitely the most organized competition that I had ever taken part of. Everything was planned from the seating area in shade, music, free food, drinks, prizes, champagne showers and of course very fun offshore 2-3ft waves in warm waters. Everybody had a good time with judging scored according to surfer’s skill level and surf ridding craft. Everyone was welcome to enter and we had competitors ranging from 10 year old grommets, right up to 60 year old men.
2 ten point rides were ridden. The first one of the day was Jon (The Chaos Surfboard shaper) who got one of the bigger waves of the event, a nice fast pump into the tube with a clean exit and a solid roundhouse to finish the wave.
Following this, in the next heat Samantha surfed her wave to perfection with two hang ten at the front of her longboard, a cutback and floater. This wave also happened to go the whole length of reef.

The waves since the last big swell have been between 2-4ft at riptides and slightly smaller at Kandooma. Plenty to keep everybody happy and it looks like something is brewing again for next week. www.magicseaweed.com/Kandooma-Right-Surf-Report/2964/

This morning the swell jumped back up to 4ft and as I write this at lunchtime a 6ft set just cleaned everybody up. I’ll have a new blog for you next week but to be honest probably the week after.
Having fun takes priority here!

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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