by Jeremy Wilmotte, Kandooma surf guide and photographer
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Kandooma Resort Maldives – surf report

Well, another swell has come and gone and 4 days later we are right back into it. This one is slightly bigger then the swell we had earlier this year. Yesterday morning we saw perfect barrels out at Kandooma right again. Its has to be one of the best waves around and its at your doorstep. Then in the afternoon we jumped on the boat and went searching further north. Unfortunately the weather has been very unpredictable lately so when we got to Tucky Joes the wind had swung around more to onshore and had increased in strength. The guys and girls paddled out though and got super fun lefts at the 3-4 ft range. Then the storm passed and the wind changed back to offshore. This made all the difference and the back half of the surf was perfect. Plenty of tubes and clean open faces for turns.

During the smaller days in between swells we often went to Riptides. Generally speaking it is slightly bigger there as the wave has a wedge to it. The plankton has arrived which means Manta ray season has begun and riptides is renowned for them. It was incredible, the first day we saw them there would of have to of been at least 15 of them swimming around us and curious as they are the best thing to do is staying still and calm. If you do this they will come right up to you. A few times the Mantas actually got so close I could have touched them. The larger mantas we saw were about 2m wide.

Kent, who came for a 10 day trip used his down days to take advantage of the diving which is on offer. He dived almost everyday twice a day, leaving some time for surfing early and late.A lot of the dives here are advanced as they are deep but well worth it as the amount of sea life you sea is incredible. From the top of the food chain, being the sharks, right down to the small fish in the corals. My favorite had to be the turtles though who don’t seem to mind you being next to them at all. One calmly ate in front of me less then 30cm away from my mask.

There is much more to just surfing here but then again the waves here have also been nothing short of amazing and less then half the crowd of up north.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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