words and photos (c) 2013 Rob Underwood

Well, there goes another week staying on Kandooma Resort, South Male’ Atoll, Maldives. Fantastic conditions early through the week greeted guests with a flawless 3-5 foot south east swell with very light winds making all left and right hand points accessible and firing! It would be too hard to pick the best of the breaks as Quarters, Riptides, Foxy’s and Tucky Joe’s were all pumping and being accessed by our 2 dhoni boats to keep the crowds to a minimum. Guests who wanted to stay and relax on Kandooma island were kept smiling with perfect glassy 4-5 foot Kandooma right. Quotes such as “best wave of my life” and “best day of my life” were thrown around by a guest on his honeymoon… we won’t mention his name!!  (haha!!)

I must say as a guide, these conditions make my job just about as easy as it gets. The swell has dropped off over the last 2 days, allowing the guests time to recover and enjoy all the facilities and other activities Kandooma Resort has to offer such as world class snorkelling, diving, fishing, or even just lazing around by the white sand beach or pool reading a book and enjoying a cocktail. I even managed to squeeze in a steam room and massage at the in house spa. The next swell is forecasted to arrive tomorrow. This place is truly AMAZING!

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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