This year’s Central Atolls surf trip was very rewarding.
Led by Brian James, aka Super Guide, the group hosted by Mark Cooper from (professional surf photographer) covered some serious ground in search of some Maldivian fun. Mark says:
We checked all the well-known locations, scored some great and sizey sessions, managed to allude the other charter boats most of the time and enjoyed what the region had to offer. For the first timers, they got to see all the major locations. Vast distances need to be covered when surfing the Central Atolls.
The Hariyana One suited our needs, the crew onboard were great: From the dhoni support guys to the great work of the chef, they ensured we were well looked after.


The dhoni proved invaluable as our lads enjoyed a spot of fishing and it just made life easier having the extra craft available to do surf runs. The welcome esky full off Tiger beer also topped off a good days surfing.
Happy days all round, what a great trip, lots of smiling faces and good memories.
Till the next adventure..
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