Tex and Murray in perfect unison at Kandooma Sept 2015. – Photo sproutdaily.com

My interest in live music began when my older sister dragged me along to the seminal 2SM Victoria Park AC/DC gig when I was barely 10 years old. A Bon Scott-led AC/DC headlined the outdoor gig where Skyhooks and Hush also played.

Surfing and music have gone hand in hand ever since.

As a teenager, I saw Midnight Oil at the Capitol, The Dead Kennedys at the Trade Union Club, Tex at the Hopetoun, The Ramones at the Hordern, Nirvana at the first Big Day Out… The list goes on.

Every surf trip with friends or family since has always had an accompanying soundtrack to psyche pre-surf, or relax post-surf.

My friends and I were always drawn to guitar-driven rock from the likes of Birdman, the Sunnyboys, the Rifles etc. In more recent years, my tastes have mellowed with age. Overcrowded festival line ups with their sniffer dogs and overly nationalistic yobs no longer appeal.

Jamie Gray, the CEO at The Perfect Wave, shares similar sentiments.

In June 2014 together we launched The Perfect Wave’s Surf Music In Paradise series. Donavon Frankenreiter featured at Kandooma Resort, the Maldives. In September 15, Tex Perkins played 4 incredible gigs in 7 days at Kandooma.

The question on everyone’s lips post the Donny and Tex experiences was, how could you ever go to a normal gig ever again?

Sitting less than 10 metres from stage on a bean bag, cocktail or beer in hand, partner, friends or family nearby, socializing and then surfing with the musos and like-minded fans is unbeatable!

Pete Murray is playing 3 gigs in 7 days at Kandooma this June 12-19.

Tex and Phil Jamieson are on a joint bill playing 6 shows in 7 days in Bali at Hidden Valley Resort in September 2016.

Book Pete Murray before December 1 here, and save on an Early Bird deal or express your early interest for Tex Perkins and Phil Jamieson in Bali here.


Tell us about your best gig ever. Tell us the venue, who played and why it was so epic in a couple hundred words. If you have photos even better. The winner gets a TPW $500 travel voucher to help attend the 2016 Surf Music In Paradise gig of their choice, plus a custom made Chaos Hovercraft surfboard shaped by Jon Mcleay. By the way, Jon named his son Kyuss after attending the epic March 1993 Entertainment Centre gig when Kyuss blew Metallica off the stage.

The Hovercraft model pictured above is 5’10 x 20 3/4 x 2 5/8 @ 36 litres, but Jon will custom shape to your stats.

Best venue ever for a gig. The Deck Bar, Kandooma. – Photo saltmotion.com
Donavon at Kandooma in 2014. He’ll be back in 2017. – Photo saltmotion.com
Joey Ramone RIP at The BDO. Photo Underground Surf archives/Tony Mott.

Benny Horvath psyched pre Nirvana at the 1st BDO. – Photo USA archives
Jamie Gray stoked to launch “SMIP” with Donavon. – Photo saltmotion.com
Tex on the beach in The Maldives. – Photo sproutdaily.com
Don’t forget Kandooma Right is straight out front. – Photo Wilmotte
Singapore Airlines, proud sponsor of SMIP, The Maldives.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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