by Rob Underwood, TPW surf guide at Kandooma Resort

The month of June here at Kandooma Resort Maldives, has had my joy levels overflowing more than an over-shaken bottle of champagne. We have had it all going on here.

The surf for the first week of the month was pretty small and uneventful, yet was overshadowed by the arrival of Donavon Frankenreiter who was to play 2 private concerts over a two-week period. His first solo acoustic performance was performed on the sunset deck in front of a solitary 70 lucky Perfect Wave guests. Singing, dancing and jiving with a Margarita in hand, watching Donavon perform against an electric Maldivian sunset was definitely a sight to behold.


The surf jacked right up for the second week of June with all breaks in South Male firing. Most guests were happy to surf Kandooma and bask in one of the Maldives islands’ best right-hand breaks close to home, whilst those who ventured to Quarters, Riptides, Foxys and even Tucky Joe’s were treated to fantastic conditions.

Donavon’s second performance on an uninhabited island was a priceless affair. The combination of Maldivian seclusion on a white sandy beach, his silky voice and catchy, fun tunes and the stiff yellow cocktails handed out by the bar staff, made for a memorable night. Guests were invited to sing and play guitar with Donavon and the vibe was cooler than an Eskimo. A beautiful buffet dinner followed. Couldn’t have asked for a better night.


In between the 2 concerts, we organised a seaplane surf trip – something I have always wanted to do. Myself and my Perfect Wave colleagues Brian and Jamie, along with Donavon and his son Hendricks and 2 lucky Perfect Wave contest winners hopped aboard a seaplane and flew 45 minutes south to the remote atoll of Thaa and surfed a perfect 4-foot right-hand point break in the middle of nowhere. Afterwards, we jumped back on the plane, drank cold beer to a memorable day and flew back and landed in Kandooma lagoon.


I have been here for 3 years now and this was hands down THE BEST experience I’ve had over here to date. AMAZING!!

Since then, the last week has been absolutely firing with 7 days of perfect 4-6 foot Kandooma Right. It’s been an absolute barrelfest!

With a 10-second south-east swell still here producing lovely head-high waves and an 11-second period just around the corner, the next week should deliver much of the same.

Hope to see you over here soon!!



photos by Joel Coleman

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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