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I met Glenn Jeffs on last year’s “Go with a Pro” Legends trip with Occy. Glen loves Jackie, surfing and music in that order. In retrospect, it all makes a lot of sense that he and his lovely wife to be were the first couple booked on our recent Surf Music in Paradise week with Tex Perkins and Murray Patterson at Kandooma Resort.

Glen and Jackie timed their wedding to coincide with Tex’s gigs at Kandooma. They loved it so much; they will be back for more in Bali in 2016.

I caught up with Glen briefly the other day to reflect on some of the highlights of his and Jackie’s unique wedding come holiday.

What made you choose Kandooma for your wedding? What’s the story, morning glory?

Well, we were originally thinking about going to Fiji for our wedding until Jackie had seen Ben’s blog featuring another Perfect Wave customers, (Trevor and Jess Burns) on FB about how awesome their wedding was at the Kandooma Resort the Maldives.  Jac asked me what I thought about having our wedding there and I said: Let’s Do It. To make it even more memorable, we lined it up with the Tex Perkins – Surf Music in Paradise week in September 2015.

How did the formalities work out – like the actual wedding side of it?

‘Too easy’ is all we can say, everything went off without a hitch.  The staff at Kandooma were so accommodating to our needs, even down to switching days if the weather turned bad, nothing was a problem. It all worked very easily without the hassles that can be found. They did it all.

Was Jackie stoked in the setting, ceremony, photo package etc?

Absolutely! She still can’t wipe the smile from her face when she thinks about our amazing wedding! Jac was super impressed with the setting, very romantic, the quality of the photos and the professionalism. Jac was also impressed with the quick turnaround in terms of receiving our photos back. The ceremony was very relaxed and fun. If you want to get wound up and stressed about your wedding I advise you not to go to Kandooma because it is too chilled!

How about the extras? Like seriously, Tex busting out “I was made for loving you” by Kiss was an epic once in a lifetime touch? How did that all come about?

That was awesome, I spoke to Tex in the surf and then spotted him at lunch and he said that he would love to play a song for us. Tex was a friendly, great guy. He had a Kiss T-shirt on when I spoke to him in the water so I suggested, “I was made for loving you. “ No worries, next day Tex welcomed us to the gig after our ceremony and busted out, “I was made for loving you “which we danced to and has become our wedding song. All those extras really made our wedding special, super memorable and fun.

What did you think of Kandooma in general – accommodation, food and the surfing experience?

We thought the resort was total class all the way!  The food was amazing, every meal, especially our private dining experience (everyone should seriously try this) the rooms were modern, clean well stocked (including the mini-bar).  The staff were just so accommodating we would definitely love to go back! The surf was not pumping, but there’s a nice right reef out the front that had a wave every day. I am certain on it’s day it would hold some memorable barrels. It wasn’t too far to a few other breaks which were all nicely shaped reefs. Great feel in general. Getting the best of both a luxury holiday and a surf trip.

What about the whole Surf Music In Paradise deal – did you dig having something to do at night – gigs and socializing?

We loved it!  We think we are now spoiled for future holidays and can’t imagine going on a holiday without the music now lol. It was such a great way to meet new people and socialise in such a unique way with the musicians. It was a sweet situation, and we are hoping there are more Surf Music in Paradise gigs to attend in the future. We will be there for sure!

Any other highlights?

The calibre of other guests was awesome, we made friends with like minded people very quickly. It seems that these kinds of packages attract a pretty cool, eclectic, like-minded crew that all there just to chill. I thought that was great. TPW looked after everything from getting on the plane to getting home and in between. Thanks to TPW crew who seem to really care about there clients enjoyment and experience.

Well, the good news is Tex, Murray and Phil Jamieson are lined up for Surf Music in Paradise 4. This time it is going to be 7 gigs in 7 days at Hidden Valley Resort in Bali. You guys reckon you might be keen to join us in Bali next year?

We are definitely keen to experience Surf Music in Paradise 4 next year in Bali. We would recommend it to any people out there who like surfing and music. The atmosphere was really family-friendly with kids around at Kandooma, so hopefully it will be like that and then a variety of people could enjoy it and make lots of new friends. Can’t wait, bring it on!

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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