The Perfect Wave’s Sales Manager Sylvia mentioned at our sales and marketing meeting yesterday that the most common question clients ask our experienced team of surf travel specialists is:

“We are weighing up whether to go to the Maldives or the Mentawai for a surf holiday. Which destination would you recommend?”

Sylvia said, “You know Beno, if I had a dollar every time a client asked that question I would be able to retire tomorrow and build a brand new 5 star resort in the Maldives.”

Our top selling sales specialist, charging Charlie Pierce chimed in and said, “As you know Benny, it is a complex question. It is a case of different horses for different courses.”

Charlie’s analogy was spot on. He said, “Just look around our office, you’ve got Pete Silvia, a frothing, dawn patrolling long boarder who salivates over the mere mention of Sultans (Maldives), Peruvian Bruno who prefers hollow performance waves like Macaronis, Lorenz daydreams about secret Southern Atolls set ups, and Sylv can’t get enough of 5-star Maldivian luxe.”

Charlie continued, “There’s so many variables and that is before we focus on waves and weather. There’s personal preferences, perceptions and expectations that come into the equation.”

Charlie is so right. At the end of the day, surfing is so subjective, and then there’s the variables Huey and mother earth throw up, which in so many ways is what keeps us coming back for more. The variable elements of nature keep us engaged, dreaming and forever searching for those special moments!

Then of course there’s the question of who you are travelling with? Do you want to book an entire charter boat with your mates – We have the best boats on offer in the Mentawai and the Maldives.

Are you planning on spoiling your special partner with a slick resort stay in the Maldives, or do you want to take the family on the adventure of a lifetime.

Both the Mentawai and the Maldives are paradyllic locations for a surf holiday with great conditions, a smorgasbord of accommodation options, and great food and service. Our team of surf experience specialists experts who have travelled extensively to both destinations are always here to help you weigh up the options in person or on the phone.

We always aim to make surf travel easy for you….

Why Mentawai: Best, most consistent waves in the world. Light, variable winds. Open to so much swell. Variety of world class set ups. Suitable wave for every level. No shortage of swell from Feb/March right through November. Exotic islands, unique culture.

Why Maldives: World class lefts and rights. Very family and /or partner friendly, safe, comfortable accommodation, no sharks, forgiving reefs almost beginner – friendly reefs, easy going locals.

Book before December 31 and save.

Mentawai 2016 Specials
(Valid until December 31)
From US$1240 for 7 nights (flight extra)

  • Early Bird Deals
  • Resorts and Boats for all budgets
  • Uncrowded wave destinations
  • The Perfect Wave’s own operations

Maldives 2016 Early Bird Deals
(Valid until December 31)
From US$770 for 7 nights (flight extra)

  • Maldives Early Bird Deals
  • Resorts with a wave out front
  • Surf charters for all budgets
  • The Perfect Wave’s own operations

Perfect, empty and hollow Mentawai set up. – June 2015. Photo Shield
Why Mentawai? The real office. Photo Birdy RIP
Why Mentawai? Photo Shield

Why Maldives? We own a fun surf resort at Cokes. Photo Shield
Why Mentawai? Macca’s that’s why. – Photo Potts
Why Maldives? Uncrowded Kandooma hmmm. – Photo Wilmotte
Why Maldives? Anyone for some Chickens? – Photo Fawcett
Why Maldives? You can get solid tubes at Cokes. – Photo Bob Fawcett

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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