G’day friends!

Carpe Vita is the newest and most luxurious surf charter in the Maldives – and a bunch of lucky guys and a pro photographer Joel from saltmotion.com had the boat exclusively for a week!

Joel on his blog wrote:

I am writing this while the ship we have called home for the last week is steaming back towards safe harbour at the end of an epic days surfing. When travel and time zones work like this I usually just get back home and start photographing locally, but I really wanted to share Fridays photos with you. We scored the best days surf of the trip on our last day, surfed ourselves to a standstill and are going home totally satisfied. You have to love that! I spent the day photographing and surfing and all up I think I spent 8 hours in the water. My eyes sting, by body aches and that silly ‘surfed out’ grin is fixed on my face. Like everyone on this boat, I think tonight will be a quiet one before heading to the airport in the morning… (or we might sneak in one last surf).
The Carpe Vita has been an amazing trip. It really has shown that surf charters don’t need to be a ‘blokes only’ adventure and if you plan things properly you can bring you partners along (even if they don’t surf). You will certainly fill your wave quota and everyone can have the time of their lives. Special thanks again to the Daff clan, the crew on the boat and the team at The Perfect Wave for totally spoiling me with this trip.

Check out Joel’s photos and see what you could be up to in the Maldives. Next one is in September!

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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