by Ben Horvath
Gallery by Jeremy Wilmotte and Steve Baccon

The six-week Australian east coast flat spell during August and September has been well documented. Dominant high-pressure systems have been pushing cold fronts and low pressure systems well to the south, the same systems that have delivered multiple big swells to the southern states of WA, SA, Victoria and Tasmania.

Fortunately, the Indonesian archipelago and The Maldives have been profiting from the succession of intense low pressure systems tracking across the Indian Ocean.

Pumping Maldives in August

Similarly to Indonesia swell report from August & September, the word from the Maldives has been pretty positive on the surf front. Well-known Sydney lensman and surfer Steve Baccon scored some great waves at Lohis, Sultans, Cokes and Jails on the Northern Atolls in early August. Steve said, “We enjoyed a solid run of swell. Former touring pro Adam Brown was the standout charger in our group. We had constant swell ranging from 4ft up to 8ft on the bigger days.”

The Perfect Wave’s Cokes Surf Camp owner/operator Brian James said, “August 16 was one of the biggest days of the season. Cokes was a solid 8-10ft.”

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Chunky cokes on August 16

Further south at Kandooma Resort, The Perfect Wave’s surf guide Rob “Undies” Underwood said, “Mid August was our best period when the swell turned south east. We enjoyed shoulder to head high conditions accompanied by stronger south-west trade winds and then a chunky direct south east bumper swell hit the whole eastern seaboard of the chain. The peak of the swell saw double overhead Kandooma Right which had some guests running for cover, whilst others showcased some some great tube riding. The peak of the swell was a little too big for Quarters and Riptides but as it dropped both breaks were a favourite, whilst the more experienced surfers also sampled a session or two at arguably the best left in the Maldives -Tucky Joe’s”.

Amost as big as Cokes gets. August 16

There were also a bunch of legends free surfing all the Northern Atolls breaks in late August/Early September whilst they were in town surfing in the Four Seasons Resort Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy. Taylor Know beat his mentor Tom curren in the twin fin division, whilst Curren won the single fin division at Sultans. Tom Carroll, Dooma Hardman and Layne Beachley were all ripping around the traps.

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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