Contemplating A Maldives Surf Escape? The Time Is Now! Serious shoulder Season Savings.

Swellnet forecaster Graig Brokensha stated so poignantly in his Maldives swell alert last week that, “Whilst the Maldives lie within the same ocean basin as Indonesia – the Indian Ocean – its primary source of swell isn’t always from the same weather systems.

Instead, the Central Atolls rely on a semi-permanent high pressure ridge through the central Indian Ocean and its persistent fetch of E/SE trades aimed towards the region. This produces ebbs and pulses of mid-period SE swell, which mix in with less consistent refracting S’ly groundswell from polar storms.”

Last week the swell of the season to date delivered some very Indo-like pits to the archipelago.

Cokes Surf Camp surf guide Paul Breakey picks up the story from here, Paul said, “The swell first started to fill in throughout the North Male Atolls on Tuesday August 11.

On Wednesday, we where parking ourselves in some clean 6 foot barrels at Cokes and pretty much all breaks down towards Jails ensuring crowd levels were very bearable.

It seems everyone sampled some true Maldivian pipes.

Allah showered us with some of the biggest and cleanest waves seen throughout the atolls for quite some time on Thursday August 13.

Cokes was absolutely firing with regular 6-8 foot triple overhead bombs reeling down the point.

The SSE groundswell was the perfect size and direction. Some of our surf guides experienced a day of big long barrels, heavy beatings and sessions with as few as 4 others guys out.

“I recall pulling into some massive slabs around midday, just as the crowds thinned and the swell peaked.  A very pleasant offshore breeze ensured prayer carried over the water and echoed through the hollow tubes from the nearby mosque.”

It was a very spiritual experience shared with only a few.

After a solid session on the point, a few of our guides took our speedboat to Jails and made it just in time to hideout in the bay as a big squall passed over with the large frontal system. Desperate to take advantage of an empty line up, Alana and Paul hit the water after our local guides reassured them that the system was about to pass. As predicted, they enjoyed an hour by themselves as the sun came out to play and the crew saddled into their cell blocks with wide grins.

The swell continued throughout the weekend, only fading slightly, day by day.

Monday August 17 still delivered solid 4 foot sets at Cokes Surf Point.

The final word goes to The Perfect Wave’s man on the ground for the past decade Brian James. Brian said, “ After an epic week, super special for those better surfers who took it on, the waves continue to roll into the Maldives. I don’t expect it to drop below 3 ft to 4 ft from now to the end of September. What we can look forward to is beautiful, sunny Maldivian days in September right through to the end of October. The final two months always produce the goods “

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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