Words and photos by Bob Fawcett.

Giving a wave away a day
Giving a wave away a day

We enjoyed pristine conditions for the first charter of the season in the Southern Atolls aboard The Perfect Wave Maldives surf charter boat Cobia.
Light offshores, sunny days and head high waves were on tap all week.
Fresh fish every day, amazing sunsets and a great group of mixed nationalities to share waves, stories and a late afternoon cold Tiger beer with.
Taming the Tiger
Taming the Tiger

The first few days were small, but glorious.  We spent our time  acclimatising, board testing, fishing, snorkelling, boat jumping and even enjoyed an afternoon session by the pool at Ayada Resort.
The forecast swell arrived accompanied by favourable winds, and whilst it was not quite as big as expected, it did last for the length of our 10 day charter finally giving out as we pulled anchor to return to port.
Giovanni “Jimmi” from Italy was a standout with his smooth style but the surprise package was Mark “The Sheriff” from Australia who at 60 odd, carved whatever came his way like an eternal grommet.
Philippe “Reefwalker” from Switzerland amused all and swears he will return again and bring booties next time.
An afternoon at Ayada resort
An afternoon at Ayada resort

The two South Africans went wave for wave and held up their end in the Tiger stakes, but were no match for Cris “Noodles” from UK who was obviously getting dehydrated from catching too many waves in the tropical heat.
Brian “Rhino” was a quiet achiever who patiently waited and picked off some of the better waves of the trip.
Paola was content to bask in the sun on deserted islands all day, Ramona was just as happy to float around on her boogie board in the line up and get some nice long Love Charm lefts when they came her way.
It was a great trip and a great start for the year aboard arguably one of the best value, best crewed boats in the Maldives.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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