by Ben Horvath; Photos by Coops (


The last few weeks in the Maldives have delivered some of the most consistent waves so far this season.

After a mixed month or two, the last fortnight or so has really delivered.

2009 Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach WCT runner up and Australian ISA world junior team coach Adam Robertson spent a week at Kandooma from June 13 to 20 and said, “It pumped all week. I have been to the Maldives a few times, but never scored top to bottom barrels like I scored last week.”

Keep your eye out on The Perfect Wave website and Facebook page next week for photos and video of Robbo’s trip.

Mark “Coops” Cooper from based in SW Western Australia is doing his annual trip with The Perfect Wave aboard the Haira this week.


Coops said, “We are 5 days into our charter today – Friday June 27 and we are down in the Central Atolls.  Our trip started off in North Male with a few sessions at Jails on arrival and before our departure south.

“We have had some great uncrowded waves with no boats in view at all since arriving down in the Centrals region.”

“The waves have been constantly in the 3-5ft range the last two days.  Yesterday morning was 4-6ft with the occasional 8ft sneaker set.

This swell has been a very strong swell with not much being ridden due to the large volumes of water moving around. There have been some real hectic poundings being dished out. There’s some nice set ups down here and no crowds.”

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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