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This past month has been true to form with surf happening all over the Maldives surf areas.
April saved the best until last; the swell we enjoyed from April 25 to month’s end was truly epic.
Initially, the swell direction was from the south-west. The Perfect Wave charter boats Cobia, Hamathi and Hariana 1 scored some all-time sessions first in Ghaafu Dhaalu at Beacons, Bluebowls and Five Islands, and then moved on to Thaa and Dhaalu Atolls: The Farm, Chambers, Aquariums. Not to mention all the secret spots our fleet of charter boats surf.
Many surfs were enjoyed by The Perfect Wave guests with one boat only per break, which is the ultimate, really.
While all this was happening down south, Cokes and Chickens were pumping in the same swell. Strong, long-period South-West and South swells find their way to this truly remarkable swell magnet area.
The Carpe Diem also joined The Perfect Wave fleet, with Barton Lynch on board sharing his incredible knowledge with The Perfect Wave guests on board, and so far three days of pumping waves. Jails, Honkeys and Sultans have been kind, offering great waves in the 4ft to 6ft range with a light crowd factor. Some sessions, our crew were the only ones in the water.
We expect to take in South Male Atoll on this safari as the forecast is looking the goods for Tucky Joes and the South Male Atoll area in the next few days.

  • Photos: Lozza James
  • Breaks: Cokes and Chickens.
  • Date: April 28 to April 30.
  • Swell Size: 4ft to 6ft
  • Swell Direction: Sth.
  • Wind Direction: N- NW-NE (light variable winds)
  • Wind Speed: 1mph to 4mph (windless & glassy conditions.)

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Perfect Wave

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