Thanks to our friends from Cokes Surf Camp for updating us with their late-season news and photos.

Big Hi from Cokes Surf Camp…. We hope you are all getting lots of waves…. If not, or even if you are, you know where to come in 2012!

Here at Cokes, we can report a truly great 2011 surf season with consistent swell and great conditions through March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October.  May 20th saw the onset of the monsoon season with several storms and more windy conditions, still we have surfed through this and found the good times out the front. June, July and August offer the big swells here at Cokes and this year did not disappoint. September and October offered up the sunny days, less wind and still a consistent, head-high swell.

Highlights for the year were visits from the Oakley Brazil surf team, Adriano de Souza and Andre Jadson, with Cao and Gustavo and their super profesional team of managers and photographers. Also visiting the camp in October, Bethany Hamilton showed her skills in some nice clean head-high Cokes barrels.

Cokes Surf Camp saw many improvements as 2011 rolled on with a much-improved menu to feed hungry surfers, well-organised surf transfers to Chickens, Jails, Ninjas and Honkeys and a really great all-round vibe. These improvements are due to the Adam and Anita, Hoskins management team and Ka Ka, our very reliable and loyal cook and jack of all trades. Our other resident for the first half of the surf season, Glen Parker, played his role in assuring Cokes Surf Camp was put foremost in many surfers’ minds around the globe via the world wide web.

We here at Cokes Surf Camp want to continue to improve our facility and extend to all a warm invitation to come and enjoy all we have to offer, specially the great waves on our doorstep.

Best Regards,

Brian, Adam, Anita, Ka Ka & Glen.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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