The Maldives unique geography means that every trip is a celebration of splendid isolation in this over-connected world. Canny travellers and surfers are currently reaping the rewards, scoring uncrowded waves, surfing off the back of quality small charter boats or easing in to the hospitality of some of the worlds finest private island resorts.

Check this stunning edit, hot off the drone from our team in Southern Maldives this week


Despite its isolation, surrounded by the azure water of the Indian Ocean, getting to the Maldives is surprisingly hassle free whether travelling from Europe, Asia or Australasia. Consider the journey, most travellers with the Perfect Wave fly via Singapore with Singapore Airlines to Male. Not only are you flying with one of the world’s best airlines, transit is through the world’s best airport. Safety, reliability, cleanliness, healthy travel and service standards are unmatched!

A couple of hours layover in Changi and you will experience why it’s the world favourite airport – check out the Butterfly Garden, eat some Laksa! Making the journey better, you get 30kg luggage including surfboards checked all the way through to Male Airport! In these fast changing times its reassuring that Singapore Airlines have an industry leading record of fare refunds and flexibility in the context of changed government travel advice. Just 4 hours flight to Male and you step out to a very different airport, Velana International in the Maldives. Breeze through immigration and customs then you realise the airport is actually open to the tropical sea breezes!. Step outside Arrivals to be welcomed by The Perfect Wave and Kandooma Resort team and they guide you to the transfers. No buses, touts taxis or Ubers – step straight on to large comfortable Dhoni or speedboat and you are shortly checking in to you room in the resort or charter boat

After your first night in the Maldives, wake up, there is waves out front! Go Surfing – Simples!

Staying in a world class resort on a private island, you are disconnected from the world – but with all the connectivity you want – or don’t want! There is no better haven from the world than a chain of exclusive islands dotted across seemingly endless blue seas. Entry to the country and private island resorts is tightly controlled, maintaining glorious tranquillity.

A boat charter takes this to the next level. You will never surf as much as you do on a boat trip, somehow 3 or 4 surfs a day happen regularly and the warm tropical waters encourage this. A small band of committed surfers spend their days afloat on a board or a boat, isolated from all, ensconced in a floating resort that parks itself in the channel each dawn, looking out to some of the worlds most inviting waves! If you really want to feel like you are in the middle of an oceanic wilderness, consider the vast blue space looking out over the Indian Ocean from the Southern Atolls! Our charters in the Southern Atolls this March have had it to themselves, enjoying Beacons Barrels and Tiger Stripes shred sessions without another boat in sight!

Surf Sojourn and Hamathi in the channel at Tiger Stripes the other day


Imagine – chasing waves here in The Central Atolls with just you and your crew!


Carving up a Lohis wall


Niyama – still on special!




Written by:
Chris Buykx

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