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Shane Dorian

Hawaiian waterman Shane Dorian pushed boundaries on the ASP World Championship Tour for more than a decade.

He nailed a fourth-place finish in 2000, but harboured huge aspirations beyond competition.

He is now one of the planet’s most respected big wave surfers, chasing 10-storey-high waves and he still absolutely rips in 3ft Maldives perfection.

We recently sat down with Shane for a short interview.

Shane and Jamie O
Shane and Jamie O

Ben Horvath – How many times have you been surfing in the Maldives?

Shane Dorian – I have been three times now and love it.

BH – How would you describe the waves in the Maldives?

Shane – I’d say they are super high performance and user friendly. I love the reef passes and shreddable, clean conditions that the Maldives is known for.

BH- Fave waves in the Maldives?

Shane – I like Sultans and Cokes.

04 Cokes opening up – Photo Lozza James
Cokes opening up – Photo Lozza James

BH – Tell us about the quality of accommodation and just the all around ease of a Maldives surfing vacation?

Shane – I have stayed at a few different places and all of them have been great. Last year we stayed at the Four Seasons Kuda Huraa and the resort was incredible. The service and food was top notch and the proximity to world class surf breaks is awesome.

BH – The Maldives looks like it has something for everyone – IE partners, family, kids etc. How has that been true in your experience?

Shane – Yes for sure. My wife had the Maldives on her bucket list as a must-see destination and she was not disappointed. We had the best vacation ever last year and she is excited to come back later this summer.

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Your $10 donation supports an amazing organization close to Shane and Jamie’s hearts, More Than Sport, which provides kids in Hawaii (where Shane and Jamie both grew up) with athletic and educational opportunities.

To get involved, visit omaze.com/surf before the contest ends on July 24 to make your donation.

Chickens absolutely on the pump – Photo Lozza James
Chickens absolutely on the pump – Photo Lozza James

Written by:
Lars Bornhoft

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