Hi guys,

Had a pretty slow start to October with waves around the 2-ft range with the odd 3 footer at Rip-Tides, Kandooma and Foxy’s on the arvo pulse. Things have improved over the last two days with the crew scoring some beautiful 3/4 ft left hand peelers at Lucky Joe’s to ourselves. The winds have been super light offshore and tide has been perfect to surf onto the midday high-tide in the morning session. Glassy 100+ metre rides, crystal clear warm water, no crowds and top to bottom smash-able waves….even the odd little bazza!! The good times are set to continue with the charts showing 2-4 ft waves for the week ahead….still getting the goodness late season. Yew!!

More photos after the jump:

Richie & Lucy

Kandooma Resort surf guides

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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