Mark Occhilupo on last year's Mentawai trip with The Perfect Wave (photo by Andy Potts)
Mark Occhilupo on last year’s Mentawai trip with The Perfect Wave (photo by Andy Potts)

Who is your favourite surfer of all time?

There’s a very good chance the majority of you will answer Mark Occhilupo. Occy is regarded as one of the top 3 global icons of our sport/lifestyle along with Curren and Kelly.

Occy is Australia’s favourite surfing son.

No Australian surf icon has captured the hearts and minds of as many people as Mark Occhilupo. Respected Australian surf journalist and author of Occy’s biography, Tim Baker once said, “The essence of Occy’s appeal is that he dares to lead the kind of life we all wish we could – simply surfing, pursuing his bliss, letting a freakish natural talent shine and trusting that all the rest, the messy details of life, money, career, will somehow sort themselves out.”

Tim’s quote encapsulates the very reason why Occy is held in such high regard. It is exactly why The Perfect Wave are proud to call Occy an ambassador and offer you the unique chance to join Mark on two trips in paradise annually.

Due to a couple of last minute cancellations, we have a few spots left on Occy’s up coming Sept 11-18 Aloita Mentawai trip and also his October 11-18 Kandooma, Maldives trip.

I went on his Mentawai Aloita trip last year and can tell you I had the time of my life. Not only did I get to surf with my favourite all time surfer, but I also got to hang out, socialize over a few beers, cracked up at some of the stories Occ shared with us, and also took on board a bunch of tips.

Occy hung out with the group nightly in the bar at Aloita.
Occy hung out with the group nightly in the bar at Aloita.

Mark was so humble, friendly and full of knowledge of the region, ruled on the pool table and was often last to bed, the life of the party.

If you would you like to go surf some perfect waves, hear some all time war stories from the tour and meet a bunch of like minded new friends then jump on this!

Jamie Gray, the CEO of The Perfect Wave, is hosting this year’s Aloita trip and this year at Aloita, Occ, Jamie and any guests who wish to partake can also join Occ and Jamie one afternoon meeting and helping the locals via TPW’s non profit NGO – A Liquid Future.

Jamie Gray said, “We take hundreds of surfers to the Mentawais each year. It’s one of the best surf destinations in the world and we really want to give back to the region and the beautiful people.”

Come along this September for the surf trip of a lifetime with Occy. We will score some great waves no doubt, have a ball with Occy and also give a little back to the locals in a region we all love so much.

Mark Occhilupo said, “I love the Mentawai and the trips I do with The Perfect Wave.  When they asked if I want to visit A Liquid Future’s school this September I jumped at the opportunity.  It’ll be a fun afternoon and really help A Liquid Future continue the great work they do with the locals.”

A Liquid Future provides free educational programs in English as well as swimming and surfing lessons to local communities in the Mentawai.

Occy MENTAWAI Trip: September 11 – 18, 2015 (limited last minute spots available): from $2,322 per person + flights

Occy’s October Father/Son Kandooma, Maldives Trip

There are also a few spots left on Occy’s October Maldives trip to Kandooma Resort. The Raging Bull is excited to be taking his 12 year old son Jay on the Maldives trip.

The Kandooma experience will be perfect for surf families, father-son combos who want to surf with, and receive tips from the best, and also single surfers who want to hang out and learn from the best.

As well as surfing with Occ and Jay, there will be Occy movie and Q and A nights and dhoni surf trips to nearby breaks with the crew.

Jay is one of the youngest surfers ever to receive a sponsorship deal from Billabong. Jay joins a star stable including Joel Parkinson, Taj Burrow and dad.

“I’m feeling stoked, I was hoping for it but I wasn’t expecting it so soon,” Jay said. Mark Occhilupo was 14 when he was signed by Billabong more than 30 years ago.

“So it’s fitting for Jay to be in the Billabong team,” Mark said, “Jay started three years earlier than me, he was surfing by the time he was three, so he’s got a few years more experience than I had at his age, hence getting signed earlier than me.”

Occy October Maldives Trip: October 11 – 18, 2015 (limited last minute spots): from $2,844 per person + flights.


September 11-18, 2015 (limited spots):
from $2,322 per person + flights

October 11-18, 2015 (limited spots):
from $2,844 per person + flights


Written by:
Ben Horvath

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