Kandooma surf report by Mel Pretorius. Photos Rob Underwood.

Empty perfection. Two words often over-used in the surfing world.

Yet, the only two that will suffice when describing a week of heaving waves at Kandooma Right. From May 10-17.

Mates Dan Bartlett and Ed Pick from the Gold Coast have been getting barrelled out of their brains.

And for days they’ve been having the early session, at arguably one of the best rights in the Maldives, to themselves.

“We couldn’t believe it,” Dan says, shortly before paddling for yet another reeling right-hander.

“It’s been unreal.”

Picture double-overhead freight trains setting off and running for the entire length of the reef, providing the goods for either the tube of your life or a number of peaky sections to smack.

Now imagine an almost empty line-up, occasionally speckled with a handful of people at the higher-tide.

Sounds too good to be true right?

Our guests thought the same.

Earlier last week, as the swell began to build, surfers were enjoying friendly southern atoll Maldivian perfection.

But it was the calm before the storm.

Almost out of nowhere, what was meant to be a slight bump, turned into what would be one of the best swells to hit the region in years.

“It’s really been as good as it gets,” says resident surf-guide Rob Underwood, who managed to score some double-overhead bombs, surfing on his own at the peak of the swell.

The solid south-easterly pulse began hitting the atoll a week ago, setting off a number of world-class breaks on Kandooma’s door-step and around the corner.

Natural and goofy-footers alike were getting the goods in what’s been a tube-fest for days.

Foxy’s, a left-hander likened to the infamous Macaronis, started lighting up along with Riptides, a wedgy swell magnet just ten minutes from the island.

While those less keen to face the challenging waves at Kandooma, were given a chance to surf some picture perfect and super lengthy walls at Quarters, another spot accessible by boat.

“I’ve had the longest, best barrel of my life,” said 13-year-old Central Coast shredder Justin Borg, who came along for the boys trip with his dad Glenn.

For many guests the swell served as the catalyst for some of the best and most magical sessions of their lives.

Alberto Zavattaro has been to Kandooma with his wife Lara and young boy four times, and he’s never seen anything like it.

“It was a dream,” he says later. This has been something else.”

Mid-week champagne flowed in the resorts fine-dining quarters, with a buffet suited for a swell sure to be remembered.

Pics Robert Underwood.

Written by:
Perfect Wave

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