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Kandooma surf report & photos by Rob Underwood

The Perfect Wave Kandooma April guest Ray Stewart said, “If there’s a better right-hand point on the planet, I want to know where it is.”

You know it’s been a good run, when guys are staring at fun three foot peaks and deciding to leave their boards on the beach.

Sounds strange, but it is understandable, because everyone was salted and surfed out after surfing some of the best selection of right-handers on offer in the whole of the archipelago.

Ray from Newcastle said, “It’s a wonder you don’t start dissolving, and it’s only the start of the season.”

“I could put my board away and be happy.”

After a slow week along the Eastern Seaboard mid April, the southern island chain came alive in the last week of the month allowing guests to take their pick of juicy slabs, long-reeling rights or peaky wedges.

From the reaches of the far Eastern Reef to a few steps from their front door, surfers have been spoiled for options after a 12 second south-east swell began battering the coast last Monday April 27.

There’s been no shortage of tubes. At Kandooma Right, there were some serious freight-trains rolling through.

Those in the know, like Colin Turnouth from Geraldton, reaped the rewards. Col had an enviable ability to navigate himself through curtains of cerulean blue perfection.

Peter Cromar and his seven-year-old son Harry from the Sunshine Coast said the wave-quality during the past week surpassed expectations.

Harry surfed what he described as “The best wave of his life” at Riptides.

Set after set dwarfed the grommets frame.

For most, Kandooma Right was the stand-out wave, with guides and guests alike scoring overhead to double-overhead bombs.

“It’s fast, and hollow – a really great wave,” says Peter of the point. “I really didn’t expect to get it that good, but it’s been amazing.”

It’s been such a swell, that even places like the ever-reliable Riptides (a super-carvable reef pass nearby) has been maxing out.

Guests who didn’t favour the heaving barrels at Kandooma took the short boat ride to Quarters, a super rippable and lengthy right-hander that picks slightly less swell.

The waves lingered through to the first weekend in May, with some smaller walls running through Kandooma and Riptides on the right tide.


Written by:
Ben Horvath

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