To those of you that have been lucky enough to enjoy the pleasures that Kandooma Resort has to offer and surf there before, Rob Underwood, our Perfect Wave surf guide at the resort, doesn’t take any introducing. But for those who have not met Rob he is on the right in the hat.

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Rob at the Kandooma Perfect Wave Surf Centre

Rob has been working and travelling with The Perfect Wave for a number of years now. Throughout the Maldives surf season he sends us regular photo surf reports from Kandooma Right and surrounding breaks.

So if you are wondering how the surf has been at Kandooma over the last couple of weeks, here is Rob giving you the low down…

Take one of the surf transfers to Riptides...
Take one of the surf transfers to Riptides…

“In the last 2 weeks at Kandooma we have seen it all: Wind, waves, rain and sunshine!

We have had different swells to suit every type of surfer. From frothing young grommets surfing 2-foot glassy perfection, to much older grommets surfing long , perfect right-handers at Quarters.

We have seen strong offshore conditions at Riptides and of course, Kandooma Right is still right on our doorstep.

During a break between swells, I managed to sneak out to our local shark dive at Kandooma Thila. I must say that this was right up there in one of my top experiences through working here as a surf guide (other than getting barrelled day after day at Kandooma Right).

phil slotted at kandooma right
phil slotted at kandooma right

In just over a week we have Donavon Frankenreiter coming here to stay for 2 weeks; he’ll surf with the guests and play a few of his soulful tunes on a deserted island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Alberto out the front of his villa at Kandooma Right
Alberto out the front of his villa at Kandooma Right

If you are coming over already, it is gonna be a treat and we can’t wait to share it with you.

If you’re not, I’ll have to let you know how it goes next time….

yeeeeeeeeew !!”

Rob – Kandooma Resort surf guide

Thanks Rob!

We’ll be checking in with Rob throughout the season.

By Scott Robbins

Written by:
Perfect Wave

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