Perfect Wave Travel believe The Maldives is one of, if not the very best all round location for surfers of all levels to travel to.

The Maldives offers great diversity.

Whether you are goofy or natural, after hollow bowls or rippable walls.

The water is always bath like warm, and the reefs are generally relatively forgiving in the sense that they are not overly shallow or sharp.

Water clarity is always chrystal clear, the diving absolutely insane.

Kandooma is the jewel in the crown, a quality resort that is guaranteed to impress your non-surfing partner and/or family too.

The Perfect Wave run the surf program at Kandooma Resort. Our hand-picked team at the resort is led by Rob Underwood and his lovely partner Jolie.

Rob and Jolie look after your surfing and yoga needs, whilst  at the same time managing an expanded team of qualified instructors at the resort.

Most of the surfing in this clip is done by Rob (the natural footer on the short board, and Jolie is one of the ladies practising yoga on the SUP).

This impressive drone clip of Kandooma says it all really, but I will leave you with a testimonial from a recent Kandooma visitor Roxanne Murphy to wrap up the blog.

“Kandooma Resort is one of the most beautiful resorts that I have ever stayed at. The crystal clear blue water when you wake up on the first morning is amazing. The rooms are absolutely like in the brochures. Comfortable beds and pillows. The outside bathrooms are a great touch. Loved sitting on the deck in front of our room in the afternoon looking over the water. The food is absolutely beautiful we didn’t have a bad meal in any of the restaurants. Loved chilling out at The Deck bar late in the afternoon. All of the staff are so friendly and happy to help you when ever needed. Rob and Jolie from Perfect Wave were great. We were there for nine days in total. The guys got really good surf the first four days then it dropped off. So after two days of no surf the guys went and spoke to Rob about hiring a boat to go up north to surf. Rob was straight onto it and they all went for the day and scored great surf. Thank you for organising one of the best holidays I have been on. I will definitely go back one day.

Up Coming special events at Kandooma:

Tex Perkins 3 x gigs in 7 days (September 6 – 13, 2015)

Surf with Mark Occhilupo (October 11 – 18, 2015)

Written by:
Perfect Wave

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