Hudhuranfushi is a stunningly beautiful island, with ancient banyan trees, coconut groves, tropical gardens and blessed with an enviable location. From a surfers perspective they are far enough North to catch any available South swell and all South-East swell, so on days when the swell is straight South, Lohis can have 4-6ft surf. Lohis breaks quite far up the reef compared to all the other lefts in the area, therefore Lohis is more protected from the wind and chop from the channel, making Lohis one of the most consistently surf-able resort wave in the Maldives.



If you just want an easy trip with an uncrowded, ride-able wave out the front, then this is the place for you!


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But what’s it really like for a first time Lohis traveller?

Ben Horvath reviews a recent trip with Perfect Wave client, Jarrod Simpson.

Jarrod is 44 years old and been surfing since he was 13. Jarrod lives near Cronulla and has travelled to many of the surfing worlds best destinations like Bali, Lakey’s, Lombok, Sumbawa and the Ments in Indo, Mexico, Portugal, Hawaii, UK and of course the Maldives.


Jarrod shredding.


Ben Horvath: Where do you do most of your surfing Jarrod?

Jarrod Simpson: Cronulla and the South Coast of NSW.

Why did you choose Lohis as a destination for your 2019 winter escape?

Every 2 years we go – boys trip – I find Lohis is the perfect setup for surfing and good times.


Jarrod and some of his crew.


Have you been to the Maldives before?

Yes that was Tour 4 and it won’t be my last

What does a typical day at Lohis look like surf wise?

Surf 2 to 3 times (2 hour plus sessions each time, eat, sleep, few beers, laugh a lot, meet cool new people from all walks of life, not just surfers which is what I like (it has a good mix of people))

Did you surf anywhere else?

Jails, Sultans and Cokes.


Jarrod on point.


Explain to readers the travel experience to Lohis. What time did you leave Sydney? What time did you get to Lohis and how?

Left Sydney at 11.00am. All up you are travelling all day, but you do arrive late in the night same day. First up its an 8-9 hour flight to Changi Airport (Singapore) and then a few hours downtime at the airport before you transfer planes for a 4 hour plus flight to Male Airport (Maldives)and finally a 45 min fast boat to Lohis resort island.

What’s the food like?

It is quite nice. Always different and plenty of variety.

What boards do you require?

Two normal boards and one step-up, although I only rode one board the whole time.

How were the waves?

Awesome first 3 days but then we got a bit of wind up the face. To be perfectly honest, we had waves every day, but for the first time ever last few days were quite wind affected, but will definetely go back again though as it is usually super consistent.







Written by:
Ben Horvath

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