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Kandooma surf report & photos by Rob Underwood

The Perfect Wave run the surf program at Kandooma Resort, the Maldives. Our handpicked team at the resort is led by the biggest, most stoked, frothing surf guide ever – Rob Underwood and his lovely partner Jolie. Together Rob and Jolie look after your surfing and yoga needs, whilst  at the same time managing an expanded team of qualified instructors at the resort.

Rob is a very experienced and stylish surfer from Manly in Sydney, Australia. He has been sending The Perfect Wave HQ regular surf reports and photos that have had all staff salivating at the picture perfect, often empty barrels on offer so far this season.

The Perfect Wave’s global marketing manager Ben Horvath figured it was time to find out what has been going down in paradise ?

Ben Horvath  – How has early season at Kandooma been Rob?

Rob Underwood –  Early season has been fantastic ! Definitely by far the best in the 4 years I have been here. We have enjoyed a month of glorious weather, 1 week of pumping head and a half to double overhead. 1 week of not much, and the rest waist to shoulder high fun waves with absolute flawless gassy conditions. We have been very happy campers.

BH – Looks like you guys scored the best swell of the season thus far on Monday April 27?

RU- Monday was epic, as were the next 3 days after. Perfect glassy conditions and crystal clear warm water with kandooma barrelling off its brain.  To be honest, it was a little too much for half our guests, lucky we have another wave a little north of us that is mellower which is available where these guys could rip it up.  Kandooma was running like a freight train, there were so many barrels to be had.

BH – What’s the best swell direction and wind combo for Kandooma Right?

RU – Kandooma works best with a direct south east swell and a west wind. it only needs a 1 metre swell @ 10 seconds to deliver above head high waves.

BH – If there’s not enough swell for Kandooma Right are there other swell magnet options about?

RU – When the waves are small we head around the corner to a little setup 15 minutes boat ride away called riptides. A really fun wedgy wave offering right hand rippeable walls for 50-100 metres. There’s the odd barrel section out there too.  So stoked to have that wave really close to us.

BH – What boards should crew bring on their trip?

RU – To be safe, guys should bring at least  2 boards. The waves here are not as powerful as indo or what I am used to back in Australia so I opt for something a little shorter and wider than what I ride back home.

even when its big I can still ride these shorter boards here. Leave your rhino chasers at home.

BH – Plenty to do if it goes flat?

RU – So much to do here on flat days. It’s such a beautiful place. You can go exploring the area on a canoe or stand up paddle board, snorkelling trips, wake boarding and jet skis. There is also a gym here for people who can’t sit still. The diving here is world class and if you’re looking to relax then cocktails by the pool or one of the stunning beaches usually keeps the guests very happy. We are also hosting an amazing week of music here from September 6-13. Tex Perkins from The Beasts Of Bourbon, The Cruel Sea, Tex, Don and Charlie fame is playing 3 unique, intimate gigs in 7 days – just like Donavon’s shows last year.


BH – You run daily surf lessons too don’t you?

RU – We run learn to surf lessons for beginners as well as 1 on 1 coaching for people that want to take their surfing to the next level.

kids are also welcome to join a 3 day surf camp, learning all the basics of surfing, as well as surf awareness, taught by experienced and accredited surf instructors to give them the tools to enjoy this fantastic sport in one of the world’s most exotic and idyllic places.


Written by:
Perfect Wave

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