The always smiling 1988 World Champion talks about surfing, coaching and the approaching Legends trip that he is hosting aboard the luxurious Carpe Vita in The Maldives for The Perfect Wave.

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To find out more about Barton’s awesome coaching trip he is hosting go HERE

Hey Barton what have you been up to the last few months? Did you spend much time in Hawaii? What were your season highlights?

BL – Summer 2012/ 13 has been a beauty, I had a total hip replacement in May and got back in the water on an early season trip to Hawaii in mid October. I spent the month there building my performance and fitness, then spent a month back in Aus coaching for Hurley, a trip to Tassie and the South Coast. We headed back to Hawaii on December 20, and just left there on Feb 1.  – I am currently at Big White in Canada where I’m doing my first snowboarding since the operation. Sooo stoked to be able to ride again, it’s what I really love to do, and brings me so much happiness.

It’s been a bloody good summer, but actually it has been a great winter where we have been.

You seem to have your lifestyle sussed. Hawaii Oct/ Nov then Dec/Jan, Big White snowboarding in Feb, back to Hawaii in March, East Coast Aus for autumn surf season, and The Maldives trip with The Perfect Wave in May? Pretty much still in search of the perfect wave huh?

BL – Yes definitely interested in maximising the opportunities to ride my life away and focussed on improving both as a surfer and as a person.

Barton tell us a little more about your unique plans on your legends trip to The Maldives with The Perfect Wave on The luxurious Carpe Vita this May. Sounds like an amazing opportunity for fans/surfers to learn from a former world champion/Pipe Master in a perfect surfing environment?

BL – The Maldives trip will be perfect for those who want to have a great boat trip experience in perfect uncrowded waves, and if they want the advice and coaching I can offer, then it’s available too. This has to be the absolute best way to improve your surfing, on a beautiful boat with like minded people focussed on nothing but surfing better and with my direction and advice. This trip will suit intermediate surfers and above.

It is my first time to the Maldives and I’m excited to finally get there. It will be perfect for anyone who wants a boat trip in luxury, and who may be looking to share it with their partner/husband/wife…. or not. The waves in the Maldives are great for someone wanting to surf perfect waves but without the risks associated with heavier reefs such as in Indo. I have had so many experiences in my life in surfing and will be happy to share these on the trips.

Your wife Holly is accompanying you on The Maldives trip isn’t she? You mentioned The Maldives trip will not only include your coaching, but also Holly’s yoga sessions and general wellbeing information?

BL – Yeah Holly is a health and fitness consultant, and yoga teacher. She teaches a flowing vinyasa class/practice and can adapt this to individual needs. I definitely find yoga has amazing benefits for surfing and life in general.

Barton what would be your personal tips on what prospective crew should bring on The Maldives Carpe Vita trip both in terms of quiver and frame of mind?

BL – I would recommend a 4 board quiver taking two normal size boards, a step up bigger board that is about 3 inches bigger and then a smaller wave board that is either a little smaller or just wider and thicker for smaller flatter waves. I think the same quiver guide lines apply to almost all places you will travel. If it is 4 boards then a small wave board or step down, 2 x your normal boards and then a step up for when the swell hits.  If you can take more than 4 boards it is always best to be prepared for bigger, better waves (rather than small days) so then you are ready for when the waves are pumping.

Finally BL, what other plans have you got for 2013? Obviously still surfing a lot, but what are you up to with your high performance coaching, commentary etc?

BL – We will be back to Australia for a week at the end of February, then back to Hawaii for March, home again briefly and then to the Maldives in May. Then home for the Southern hemisphere winter – this is when we start production for BL’s Blast Off 2013 which is September 23rd to 26th and we head to California to commentate at the Hurley Pro at Lowers that month also. It is looking like a really great program for the year with plenty of riding and coaching others to surf and live better. Loving it.

To find out more about Barton’s awesome coaching trip he is hosting go HERE.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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