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The last fortnight or so of June and the first week of July delivered some of the best waves of the 2014 season in the Maldives. 2009 Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach WCT runner up, Torquay’s Adam Robertson spent a memorable week at Kandooma from June 13 to 20 and said, “I have been to the Maldives nine times in all, but I have never scored stand up barrels like I scored mid June at Kandooma. The pits I scored at Kandooma Right are definitely the best barrels I’ve ever scored in the Maldives.”

Kandooma Right is a really nice wave, not too shallow or sharp in comparison to say Mentawai or somewhere like that, but it still has a very Indo-type feel where you can take off and get a barrel from start to finish.” So said Adam Robertson following a memorable week at Kandooma Resort from June 13-20, 2014. While in the Maldives, Robbo only surfed the one wave. “I found it hard to walk away when there were barrelling waves breaking right in front of my eyes every day at Kandooma” said Robbo.

View ‘The Robbo Tubefest’ at Kandooma here

Mark Cooper from also scored 10 days of nonstop swell aboard the Haira in late June and early July.

Cooper’s charter began in North Male with some fun 3-4ft sessions at Jails, before heading to the Central Atolls in anticipation of some solid swell.

Coops said, “We enjoyed a great run of swell and barely saw another charter boat the whole time. The waves were consistently in the 4ft range and there were one or two 5-6ft days and one solid 6-8ft plus day. We surfed Machines and a bunch of other amazing set ups with mid size swell, clean conditions and no crowds.”

Based on both Adam Robertson’s and Mark Cooper’s experiences,  you can quite confidently book your Maldives experience in June or July and expect consistent swell at Kandooma or on one of many surf charter boats The Perfect Wave have cruising the North, Central and South Male Atolls in peak season. Click Here to find the Maldives surf option that most suits you.

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