Maldives surf report – Words and photos by Bob Fawcett


Paradise is a dish best served hot and our second trip for the southern season encountered some very hot, still days. This made for some super glassy sessions that really had to be seen to be believed. We scored waves every day, usually on our own, and kept busy in between by island hopping, snorkelling and fishing. Catch of the day was the Englishman Tom’s black Marlin, which he caught and released within about 10 seconds of his hook up. Better luck next time mate although, to be honest, he and the Frenchman Xavier kept the boat well stocked with fresh fish. The fishing down here really is quite remarkable, not to mention the surprise visit by a whale shark at the back of the boat one night, gorging on the plankton and small fish attracted by the lights.

The twin Finns onboard, Mikko and Mikko, amazed us all with their surfing ability, coming from a country with no waves, and were in turn amazed at the Tiger beer consumption and true yarns of the three Aussie mates from Sydney. Often too much for the lone American Adam “Tex” – his record surf session of 5 and a half hours (two and a half on his own) ensured his sanity remained intact.

When the predicted surge in swell finally showed up we feasted so hard that our last session in pumping clean conditions was enjoyed by only the lucky few with any gas left in the tank.

Did I mention how glassy it was……

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