Photos and quotes supplied by Perfect Wave Travel Surf Guides Liuttey, Jinu and Steve.

The first few months of the 2019 Maldives surf season have been well above average on the swell front down in both the Central and Southern Atolls.

We have documented the great early season in a bunch of blogs and this feature from Perfect Wave Travel’s Lachlan McKay.

Whilst March and April were excellent further south, during the first fortnight in May the waves have arguably been even better.

The first few days of the month of May a solid SSW swell pushed up. The Southern Atolls scored the best waves in the Maldives, well over twice the size.

The only other region that enjoyed such size that memorable first week of May were the exposed Nth Male Atoll righthanders like Cokes and Jails. Check the size!

The second week of May delivered clean conditions with a 10 sec period 2/3 ft SE Swell.

Wind direction was light W between 3 to 8 MPH most days.

The SE swell direction is really good for South Male Atoll specially for kandooma, it was between 138 to 135 degrees, so it has been super consistent at all the Sth Male breaks like Kandooma, Riptides and more.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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