1. The five most popular destinations for surf charters were:

1 / Maldives – Nth Male atolls 

2 / Maldives – Central and Southern atolls

3 / Mentawai Islands, Indonesia.

4 / Banyak Islands, Indonesia.

5 / Telo Islands, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia.



But more importantly: The five essentials required to ensure a successful surf charter according to you guys are!

1. Wave quality and where to surf.



Next up, after searching out the right crew to book with 83% of respondents cared most about the waves you and your crew want to surf. This is the primary reason everyone sets out to plan any surf trip right?


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Everybody repeatedly stated that the biggest advantage of a charter boat over a land camp is that you never surf more than on a boat trip!  Up to four surfs a day is pretty common on boat trips whereas on land a couple of surfs a day seems standard. On a boat you have options when the wind or swell conditions inevitably change daily, even hourly out there in the middle of the Indian Ocean somewhere – whether that be in the Maldives, Mentawai, Banyaks etc etc.


Taylor Knox and Friend ready to get in the water / Maldives – Carpe Diem 2018Fronstide pitt in Indo


On a boat you all said, “You can surf when you want basically! If the wind shifts you quickly split to another set up, same deal with swell direction or rapid tidal changes. Surf conditions are fluid and boats are stealth and well onto it.” Angus Campbell who recently travelled on the Kai Satu with us in the Mentawai said, “The crew were super helpful. They had a couple of boats to whip us around.”


 Taking the Dinghy to the peak on the Kaimana recently renamed Kai SatuHeading to the peak in the Ments – Kai SatuRipping Mentawais lips!Left-handers dreamland!


“The food was usually awesome. Fresh fruit and heaps of snacks to keep us going. Caught some tuna and mackeral trawling. Heaps of room on the Kai Satu, even a chill room to watch movies and or play cards. Def want to do this trip again.”


The Boys chlling on the Kai SatuGood catch on the Naga Laut – Mentawai



2. Good surf guides maximize your surfing time.


Another essential ingredient to getting maximum wave time is your surf guide.


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Another essential ingredient to getting maximum wave time is your surf guide. This ranked number 3 in our survey. Most enthused, “Surf guides need to know the region like the back of their hand, but also have to understand hospitality, it about looking after the surfers. A great surf guide understands how to balance the priorities so everyone feels like they scored! Their knowledge, experience and professionalism will ensure you maximize your surf time.”


Amazing crew of the Kai Dua


Jack Wray who booked a charter on the Melaleuca in the Mentawai said, “I had the most amazing trip, scored some epic waves, the food was choice, crew were super friendly and the surf guide made some good choices. Lances left was the winner for me. no one else there and such a fun wave.




3. A good chef and cold beers are critically important.


Having a good chef and access to unlimited cold beer is critically important. It ranked 4th highest overall in priorities – although many rated it higher. All surfers agree there is nothing better than an ice-cold beer after an epic days surfing in the tropics with friends.



Clean, fresh and healthy food is right up there as important as cold beer. We all require energy to surf right?


Cold beers and snack enjoyment on the Raja ElangChef cooking the best after session’s meal! / Mentawai – Kai satuVoilà!


The best boats have the best chefs because food matters, regardless of if the waves are pumping or flat! Its a pretty easy life, surf all day and only stop to eat and drink your fill! Regardless of if the boat is in Maldives or Sumatra, it must be well provisioned. Most demand unlimited cold beer, but a Gin & Tonic on the rocks is requested by some and gourmet food and glass or two of red wine with dinner is becoming quite a common request.


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4. Reputation in industry is essential.


First things first, an overwhelming majority of you guys 71% seek a reputable Australian surf travel co with a bricks and mortar office, good looking website and surf industry names you have heard of and trust before contemplatating booking a boat charter. If you are paying hard earned $ for your trip, you want the security of paying a licenced travel agent under Australian law.


The Cobia


A typical response from returning Perfection Pass client Steven Dewey said, “I do quite a bit of online research with various charter boats direct, but I am not keen on just sending my money direct to some dude in Indo. I want to know that I am getting what I paid for and there  is back up. Thats why I always opt for a reputable firm like The Perfect Wave, because I know the staff and team has the experience and genuine surf cred.  Choice of boat matters and they only work with the good ones! I know if something does go wrong, they will back me up – as opposed to a potential fly by night overseas based boat operator.”


Crew of The Dream Boat

5. Comfortable cabins and beds.

Once surf, beer and food were all ticked off, sleeping arrangements came up next. Surf charters in bunk rooms with mates and crew are fun, however, nearly 50% of our survey respondents mentioned, “That having your own cabin or a twin-share with a buddy was the preferred option to ensure you get a better sleep.” Many noted that Maldives boats tend to be larger roomy twin share cabins with ensuite bathrooms. Whereas in Sumatra the boats are set up as a more ocean going vessel and cabins are often more compact and shared bathrooms the norm on all but the most luxurious boats.

 Kai dua outdoor dining, sunbathing… area Kai Dua’s interior


Looking at a charter, you need to get these things right as you want to end your trip stoked. You want to know you got the best boat charter experience possible for your budget. You want to be on the boat that everyone else wishes they were on because you paddling in to the lineup laughing and talking about how good it is!



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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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