Highlights from the 2014 season.

As we head into the best months of the Maldives surf season, what better time to look back at some highlights from the 2014 season. Mark “Coops” Cooper from spends at least a month or two a year in the Maldives. The Perfect Wave’s marketing manager Ben Horvath caught up with Coops recently to get an insight into what you can expect if you are planning a Maldives surf charter in 2015.

Ben – How many trips have you done to the Maldives now?

Mark –  I have done 4 trips so far.

Ben – You obviously find it appealing, where and when have you had your best waves?

Mark – Best waves – Jails, Cokes, Chickens, Machine. The trip down to the Central Atolls is one everyone should do.

No crowds, no boats, no surf resorts.

Ben – All these photos were shot last season, how did you rate your trips last year?

Mark –  The photos are a combination of several trips. Last year’s trip to the Central Atolls was awesome.

Ben – What time of the year where you in the Maldives?

Mark –   June, July and August.

Ben – Any tips for first time visitors?

Mark –  Be patient, never roll up to a break and be disappointed if it’s crowded. The crowds thin out during the day. Try to time your run out if you’re based on a charter boat and anchored up for the day. You can get some awesome uncrowded sessions.

Ben – What sort of boards would you recommend?

Mark –   Normal short board, and another board that’s a good paddler, they are long waves. Maybe a 3rd as a backup.

Ben – Any other suggestions?

Mark –  Wear boots at some places, it’s on the inside or end of the wave which can ruin your trip if you get sliced. Also …book early to save! Airfares are cheaper and can really make a difference, especially going to Maldives.

Ben – When are you going this year?

Mark –   June.

Ben – Any spots left?

Mark –   No, they fill up within a week. I generally organise them at the end of the season.

Ben – How do people get on one of your photo trips?

Mark –   Contact me via my  Facebook page.

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