First of all, I’d like to wish you a very happy New Year from everyone at The Perfect Wave!

What are your 2018 New Year surfing resolutions?

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Happy New Year from Restaurants in Fiji – Photo A. Potts
Barrels Before Beer, Beatings Ahead of Meetings?

Don’t know bout you, but I have set my 2018 New Year’s surfing resolutions so that they are very realistic and attainable.

For me the beginning of a new year is always quite spiritual, a time of reflection.

In another sense it is reality check time, another xmas/new year celebration has passed, the calendar/ clock has ticked over and we are all a year older.

As 1988 World Champion and The Perfect Wave ambassador Barton Lynch so aptly puts it, “ My plan is to do as much surfing as I can whilst I’m still fit and flexible enough to get properly barrelled.”

I’m not going to argue with Bl’s theory, since turning 50 myself last year, all of a sudden I have started suffering from lower back pain restricting my surfing for the first time.

I can now totally relate to the whole concept of putting barrels before beer and beatings ahead of meetings literally.

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Come sample the Central Atolls, the Maldives in ’18 – Photo A. Potts
Question Yourself

Much of society set their yearly financial, career or personal New Year’s resolutions, so I’m thinking why not set some distinctly surf related resolutions instead?

So, as many of us slowly work ourselves back into the post-holiday work routines, what better time to plan and book your next surf trip for the year ahead?

Will you be budgeting for a boat trip of barrels, and a lifetime of memories, or a resort adventure with friends and or family just like you mentioned you would after your umpteenth drink on New Year’s Eve or …..

Are you going to slump into a predictable Thursday, Friday night routine of blowing potential savings on after work beers, lazy late rises and a ballooning belly?

Ask yourself, what are your 2018 New Year surfing resolutions, ……..?


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I want to be able to bend my stiffening back muscles into a cutback in 18. Photo A.Potts of B.Horvath
I Set 5 Basic Resolutions For Myself

1. Stretch daily when I wake for 30 to 40 minutes concentrating on opening my hips and strengthening my core.

2. Cut coffee back to a couple of treat cups a week max.

3. Try and surf at least 3 or 4 times per week, even if it is a grovel fest.

4. Give away a wave each day. Good vibes lead to good karma.

5. Go on at least one o’seas surf trip this year and focus purely on improving my surfing.

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I want to be able to bend my back so i can snap at Sultans again in 18. Photo A.Potts of B.Horvath
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