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I woke this morning to the sound of Indian Ocean folding seamlessly onto the reef at Cokes. It was quite a bit louder than it has been for the last week.
A quick look off the balcony before grabbing my board and heading for the line-up.
Overhead barrels and no one out. After about an hour, I was actually laughing out loud to myself thinking of the crowds that I left behind on the Gold Coast. Not long after that I was joined by my brother Joe and a few of the local surfers on the Island, we all got a few set waves and had a few laughs.
John the Chippy paddled out with a big grin and told us that it’s his birthday today. Joe says “I guess this next one is yours then”.  He spins around, takes off and pulls straight in then comes out down the line. Happy birthday, mate!
Later in the afternoon the swell had dropped a bit but Joe was still keen so I grabbed my camera and followed him out across the bridge. Here’s some photos of the afternoon session. Can’t wait until tomorrow. ​

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