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Famous Australian writer Tim Winton, author of Breath, said:

“I can afford to blow the morning off and go for a surf. I think, ‘Oh God, I’m nearly 50, you know? If I can get another 10 or 15 years of surfing – that’s fine. I’ve worked hard, I tell myself, as I’m throwing the board in the car. I owe it to myself. A bit of water over the gills. That’s my reward. I’m happier. In the same way I did when I was a teenager. Going down to the sea in anguish and turmoil and bewilderment, pubescent eruption, then coming home blissed out and happy. At one with the world.”

To state the obvious, one must breathe to take air and oxygen into the lungs and expel it in order to live. It also makes a lot of sense to be able to control and enhance the quality of one’s breath. You could go a step further and say that in order to live well, one must breath well to surf well.

Exclusive Breath Enhancement Maldives Surf Charter

Based on the above premise, The Perfect Wave have taken the whole concept to the next level, by introducing an exciting, exclusive new experience for our clients. Once you have ridden your first wave, you are generally locked in for life. After the initial natural high, we all want to prolong the buzz well into our fifties, sixties and beyond if possible. Of course longevity or “length of ride” is dependant on lifestyle choices, not only what we eat and drink, but also the way in which we think and even breathe. Nam Baldwin, a trainer of world champions like triple ASP World Surfing Champion Mick Fanning, is hosting one unique “Live Well, Surf Well” charter aboard the luxurious Carpe Vita in the Maldives, from September 6 to 13, 2015.

Mick Fanning said, “Doing the Breath Enhancement Training really opened my eyes. Being a professional surfer, it is essential that you are able to hold your breath, especially in big wave situations. I achieved this and so much more. I felt a greater use of my breath whilst active, felt stronger in myself and learnt to clear my mind.”

Cheyne Horan said, “I recommend this training to anyone wanting to surf bigger and better – It’s a must. I found this training to be a huge benefit for both big wave surfing and increasing ability and confidence in the water.”

Pat Rafter had this to say: “The training with Nam and Devon has made me aware of my breathing and I now have so much more confidence. My cardiovascular endurance also greatly benefited.”

Introducing Nam Baldwin

Nam Baldwin is a highly qualified emotional and stress management specialist, co developer of internationally recognised B.E.T Training, mentor and strategic life and health coach. Nam trains Mick Fanning and has worked with Steph Gilmore, Pat Rafter, Australia’s best big wave riders and 2012 Olympic Kayak Gold Medallists; assisted patients that the conventional medical fraternity has not; and helped thousands of clients reach their ultimate fitness goals by educating them how to live a healthier, happier; sustainable lifestyle. Nam will pass on years of experience with elite athletes and businesses, and share his wealth of knowledge with a view to helping you reach your full potential and get the most out of your surfing and life on his unique 2015 charter. Nam can increase your quality of life, teach you how to avoid the pitfalls of stress and improve your general wellbeing. Where better to do it than cruising and surfing in the Maldives aboard the Carpe Vita?


Carpe Vita – the view from your breakfast table… (photo by Joel Coleman –


Maldives offers both mellow and user-friendly waves as well as barrells Mald
Carpe Vita – the best surf charter in the MaldivesCV

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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